[In this feature, we will periodically check in to see what is up with Topher Grace.]

If you’re unfamiliar with the long-running Videogum column “Hey, What’s Up With Topher Grace?,” what is wrong with you? Here we are, on our sort of deathbed, and you’re going to insult us by feigning ignorance about one of Gabe’s most beloved columns? Even TOPHER GRACE HIMSELF knows about “Hey, What’s Up With Topher Grace?”! Rude. In any case, I’ll urge you now to go back and take a look at some of those posts. Certainly not all of them, because, if you don’t remember, which I’m sure you do, they are literally earnest weekly updates on the life of Topher Grace, and there are 1000 of them. (Videogum is and forever will be the best website.) Do click around, though. (And if you end up re-reading all of them, hey, that sounds good too! Live your life.)

I wasn’t planning on writing a new edition of “Hey, What’s Up With Topher Grace?” because first of all it’s Gabe’s and second of all the column was defunct before I was even born, but, as we know now more than ever, sometimes the universe decides Herself what is best for us. And yesterday the universe decided that literally half an hour after we shared our news with the world, Topher Grace would share some of his own:

Well, this is difficult. For nearly six years, Videogum has been the best blog on the Internet. (Oh no, here we go.) A friend introduced me to Videogum about five years ago after I mentioned to him, without overstating anything, that I could not find one blog on the entire Internet that wasn’t a stupid garbage pile that I hated. “I think you’ll like this one,” he said. That friend of mine was so right! It has always been a wonderful, thoughtful, and hilarious place with a wonderful, thoughtful, and hilarious community. I’m still sort of amazed that I had the good fortune of being a part of it at all, let alone for 100 years. (Rounding up.) Which brings me to what we need to talk to you about. Friday will be my last day here. As for what will happen after Friday, I don’t know, and I don’t care. JK! JK JK JK. Scott Lapatine (you remember him, right? from Stereogum and also from giving life to everything we’ve ever done here?) is assessing options for keeping Videogum online in some form. We’ll see. But for now, all we can do is try to keep our chins up, be grateful for the many, many blogging years we’ve been given here, and enjoy our last week together. Over the next few days I’m going to republish a bunch of my favorite Videogum pieces from the past few years, and would love if you would share with me what pieces you might like to see again. There are literally years of great ones, so getting a few more brains in on it would be very helpful. You can either email me or just leave it here. Okay? We’ll be good. The world keeps on spinning. Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’ into the future. Big hug. LOL (Lots Of Love).



Do you want to talk about the commercials from the Super Bowl last night? I don’t. They were boring! Stephen Colbert is a pistachio, a dog and a horse are friends, and a dot talked. Bruce Willis and Fred Armisen were in an ad for something about hugs. What else? No longer an Oxfam ambassador, Scarlett Johansson got to promote her soda stream, thank god. One complaint I’ve been seeing some people have about the Super Bowl commercials this year that I completely disagree with is that they had already seen “all of the good ones on the Internet.” Uh. Maybe if you didn’t willingly watch Super Bowl commercials on the Internet for no reason, not even because you were waiting for other content to load, just because you wanted to watch the thing a company spent so much money to make in an attempt to get you to spend money you don’t have on things you don’t need, you wouldn’t have the problem of having SEEN ALL OF THE SUPER BOWL COMMERCIALS ALREADY ON THE INTERNET! Come on. Quit it. Or, hold on a sec, quit it right after you watch this lawyer’s commercial that ran during the Super Bowl in Georgia. This one and then we are all FINISHED!

[Ed. Note: Jenny Nelson is a writer and student living in New York City. She'll be taking us through this season of Saturday Night Live.]

I like when the SNL host is talented enough comedically — perhaps because she has a successful career starring in major comedy movies, I don’t know — that she holds her own against the show’s cast members. Melissa McCarthy was certainly doing that this weekend, but since her hosting gig coincided with Seth Meyers leaving, the show had a sort of distracted feel to it. The episode took a while to pick up, spiked up for a couple really excellent sketches and a great final Update for Seth before lagging a bit more and then finishing off all right. Real rollecoaster ride, which happens sometimes, nothing out of the ordinary.

My roommate remarked while watching with me that he doesn’t like seeing Melissa McCarthy play all of the same characters over and over again, and I got that vibe a couple times, but enjoyed when she stepped out of the box a bit. Melissa McCarthy and I go way back to her Gilmore Girls days, so I know she can do an adorably wacky supporting character in addition to the sort of cruder ones she’s become famous for in her film career. My familiarity with Gilmore Girls also means I’ve already seen her in a show where people create living paintings so I did not need to see it again in a sketch this weekend! (JK, Sookie was having her baby at home with Jackson during that episode while Lorelai and Rory starred in the paintings, but still, even though she never saw the art show, how can you not make that connection?) Other sketches I liked though, let’s just talk about those!

An immense and devastatingly preventable loss.

Are you ready for some Super Bowl / on Sunday night / or afternoon / depending on your location! Ah, the classic song for the classic game! Whom are you rooting for today? The Seattle Seahawks because of Nirvana, or the Denver Broncos because of John Denver? I guess it kind of depends on your musical preference. Do you prefer music that sounds like it’s from the city that invented Starbucks, or music that sounds like it’s from the city that invented I don’t know what? Hmmm. Could be a tough call! It’s up to you, and that’s part of what makes the big day so much fun. That + all of the eating and all of the hanging out you get to do. (What doesn’t make the big day so much fun, though, is Bruno Mars and most of the actual game portion.) (Luckily the other half outweighs that half.) But no matter which team wins and no matter how much or little dip you eat, we’ll all be here together, watching and commenting on all of the moves our big boys make. Goooo boys! Goooooo commenting!

Remember when we all gathered together here and watched the Super Bowl like the family we are? I thought that was last year, but I did a Google™ search on it, and, would you believe it, that was TWO YEARS AGO. As they say, “Time flies so fast that you think you must be making a math mistake or there has been some sort of weird computer error.” Let’s revive that grubby old corpse of an idea and do it again this year! Cool. Sounds good. I’ll see you back here on Sunday to hang out and chat about #dudes. (#FootBallDudes.) And if you need a cool Seattle grunge look for your Super Bowl parties, head’s up, there are a lot of them to choose from. Okay, I’ll see you then! Love you, bye!

(PS: No editor’s choice today because you’re all wonderful and I love all of you equally. [More or less.] You all win.)

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