Tracy Morgan appeared on Fresh Air with Terry Gross today to talk about his book, I Am the New Black, and kept it so real that he ended up breaking down in tears. No joke. Listen here.

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  1. “He takes off his shirt to expose his rounded belly.” NPR I love you.
    Dammit this interview isn’t bringing the funny at all. Heroin is involved. Vietnam. PTSD. :(
    This is a great listen, though.

  2. I love listening to great comedy actors get serious. You can’t really get real like this with Zach G., and Tracy Morgan has been through more shit than anyone else who still has a sense of humor.
    Yea, I said “really get real”. Feelings!

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  4. “I love you for that Terrie”

    but really this was great

  5. That’s Your Boyfriend: This Fucking Crybaby

    I kid! I kid!

  6. “I’m a short dumpy guy with bad feet and I’m passionate.”
    This is the summary statement I’ve been seeking for the top of my resume.

  7. I love Tracy Morgan so much I want to take him out behind the middle school and get him PREGNANT.

  8. just another you  |   Posted on Oct 22nd, 2009 0

    He is a beautiful black butterfly.
    i remember seeing him on tv sometime ago going back to his highschool and they gave him his diploma and he cried and so did I. Same here, hearing him talk about his life is very touching.

  9. I listen to Fresh Air every day (because I am THAT lady), and I have never heard Terry Gross sound so uncomfortable. Poor guy.

    • I’ve never heard her reach that “alright? (I’m not sure what to say here)” point. Kind of unnerving how much of a force Tracy Morgan is.

      If Terry Gross can be derailed (if you can call it that), he really can do anything he wants. Tracy Morgan is the new Richard Branson of making people not really know what to think.

    • Ditto: there were more sound bytes in this episode than I’ve ever heard; it was almost like Tracy can only talk for 5 minutes max before reaching place so desolate that the only way to continue the conversation is to bring up a new topic. Strange! I would love to see her post-show recap, if there is such a thing…


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