What is this? WHAT IS THIS?

Kathy Griffin, everybody. She makes jokes about drugging 19-year-old boys and raping them. Klassic komedy! Her chyron is “Kathy the Cougar.” Perfect. This is supposedly a news network? On that note, CNN, everybody. Together they make an awesome team! KLASSIC KOMEDY KREW.

Is it just me? AM I ALL ALONE IN THIS WORLD? What is happening here? There is a poll at the bottom of the screen that says “Do you think Kathy and Levi make a good couple?” No I do not! What I think is FUCKING STOP IT! The regular Larry King audience is like “I love ‘jokes’ about older women being painfully sexually aggressive with visibly uncomfortable young men told in a shrill voice laced with practiced desperation. And could you make it go on forever? Thanks.” Your grandpa is like “I really enjoyed it. It was quality programming.” HUH?

Shut it down. (Thanks for the tip, Aaron.)

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  1. This was actually more coherent and in depth than a normal Larry King interview, his interviews are like a 80 year old man from the 1800s being forced to talk to figures of today’s pop culture

  2. so…Kathy Griffin is the new Nancy Grace? gross. Larry King will fuck anything, apparently.

  3. Wow. Either one of them should read this.


    • C’mon JAWBONE, retards? THAT IS ALMOST in poor taste. EXCEPT I fuckin LOL’D. Ugh, I am PART OF the problem.

      • Yeah, I know it wasn’t the best. But I posted solely because I was kind of baffled that there was a book actually called this. “Through their hands, they shall learn” is the most politically incorrect statement masquerading as an uplifting tag-line for a crafts book I have ever seen. Love the first chapter, by the way. When you posting the next one?

        • Thanks! AND YEAH THAT SHIT is unbelievable. IT’S SUCH a self RIGHTEOUS line. I’ll PROBABLY be updating THAT shit every WEEK as long AS EVERYTHING is a-okay on MY END. If not I’LL ALERT EVERYONE what’s going on via the TWEET-TWEETZ AND LET y’all know when TO EXPECT it.

        • Haha what is also FUCKIN AMAZING about that BOOK TITLE is that IT IS “Crafts for Retarded” not “Crafts for THE Retarded.” WHOOPS, you fucked THAT one up, Y’ALL!

    • Passserby  |   Posted on Aug 11th, 2009 -4

      This is a terrible thing you have put here now! Ugh! How can you make fun of the mentally retarded when you yourself make retard-like jokes. You probably act like one of them around your friends so you can all laugh and laugh like silly ducks in a row on your train to hell. Do you cry about your spilled milk? Your lost causes that seem once so hard and important? Well, try knowing someone who is mentally handicapped! They have problems you will one day never know! And yet you laugh, 6 of you! One day, karma will come round the bend like it does tend to do and you will be hit in the face with it! And oh what a sweet hit it shall be when it connects! Karma, for yoU!

  4. Nope. Nope nope nope. I refuse. I saw a post about them going together to the Kid’s Choice Awards or whatever the fuck its called (unlike these two, I am an adult, and so I don’t know) at Huffington Post of all places, and my brain cells started rebelling. This cannot be, and so it simply isn’t. Just because you say it is so, doesn’t mean it is, Gabe. How about you do a favor to the soldiers and STOP MAKING THINGS UP?

  5. So, at a time when there’s a whole spectrum of opinions and misinformation about health care, and when the debate about it is as prescient as ever, CNN is going to waste an hour of airtime on this shit? It’s almost as bad as MSNBC spending every weekend covering prison documentaries as opposed to news. UGH.

  6. Kathy: This is great. They’re all watching me. I’m a legitimate celebrity. If I pretend I had sex with this young boy and drag the charade on for an eternity, Hollywood will finally accept me!

    Levi: Maybe if I keep an excruciatingly tight smile and go along with this, she’ll stop sending me emails.

  7. Haha nice try, Gabe. You almost made me watch a video with Kathy Griffin in it! What a prankster!

  8. Kathy sums it all up at the end of the video: “Um, I think I might’ve gone too far…”

  9. wingedgopher  |   Posted on Aug 11th, 2009 +1

    Kathy Griffin is the worst.

  10. Anyone else think this “Kathy Griffin” character has just been Dustin Hoffman stuck in Tootsie mode for the past 20 or so years?

  11. You guys ever get that feeling like you just want to slap a whole lot of people? It starts by daydreaming about slapping just one person, and then you think “Well if I slap person A, then perrson B cannot remain unslapped”. So you end up having this elaborate fantasy where all the people you want to slap are in one long corridor and you just walk down the hall and slap the hell out of everybody. You guys ever get that? Cause I just got that.

  12. well that was excruciatingly awkward

  13. I actually like Kathy Griffin. Yeah she takes things (like this) a little too far and she’s over the top, but that’s what makes her so funny. She’s ballsy.

    • Just so you don’t think you’re alone in the sea of Videogum snark, I have to admit, I have watched Kathy Griffin’s show and she is actually very funny on occasion. Not really in the video above because the awkwardness outweighs the comedy effort. She just says whatever she’s thinking, even/especially if it’s innappropriate, and sometimes it backfires.
      Whatever, downvote me, monsters.

      • I’m glad someone else agrees. I’m also predicting some downvotes, but I wanted to break up the wall of hate.

        • i too have suffered downvotes from liking kathy griffin. i think she’s really funny, even if this clip didn’t have a lot of funny. i often don’t comment on posts in which my opinion differs from the monsters as i can take only so many downvotes before i e-kill my i-self. so kahdooz to you for braving the storm.

    • kathy griffin support here also–they can’t all be gems, but she has more of those than duds.

  14. Peter  |   Posted on Aug 11th, 2009 -19

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  15. Gibran  |   Posted on Aug 11th, 2009 +2

    This video made me :( in a big way. Every time I see this kid, he’s being exploited. I usually don’t mind Kathy Griffin (even though I resent the fact that she’s crowned herself God Emperor of “The Gays”), but this just makes me feel sad for humanity. Sorry to turn this into Downergum.

  16. K. Giff was a babe in ’82 and nothin’ changes.
    keep workin’ that crowd k. giff, you treasure.

  17. Earlier today I was at a hospital cafeteria with my friend and her daughter, who was getting a pre-surgical checkup for a tonsillectomy. A clip from this came on the television and I was vocally critical of the whole thing. My friend said that she usually liked Griffin, and I told her that we differed in that regard. She immediately asked me if I liked Dane Cook. I responded with a grimace and a guttural sound of distaste, and she said, with visible relief, that as long as we agreed on Cook, all else could be forgiven. I just like that my life offline occasionally syncs up unexpectedly with Videogum.

  18. I’m meta confused. This is what the fuck x1Million, and also like, what, did I think this would NOT happen in America today? A self described D list player and another no cred to stand on D list player getting even MORE press? Because they can? And Larry King no less (of course!) Really? Did I think that this would never happen? But also why? NO. Why. stop. I’m falling through a wormhole of desperate grabs for fame/bookdeals/reality show deals/attention/fame in the American Empire.

  19. This morning I woke up, wondering if my vow to never purposely watch news on television was worth it. Thank you, Videogum, for showing me that I’m on the right path.

  20. I was told it was a Bob  |   Posted on Aug 11th, 2009 0

    Maybe its just me but is Kathy Griffin the transvestite alter ego of Andy Dick? Or, maybe its the other way around…

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