• Orange Is the New Black posted a bunch of behind-the-scenes photos to the the show’s Instagram account over the weekend, and they are all super sweet. Come back, show! -BuzzFeed
  • Jonathan Banks has officially been cast in Better Call Saul. -Deadline
  • Louis C.K. appeared on Letterman last night and announced that beginning tomorrow at noon, you’ll be able to purchase his first film, Tomorrow Night, on his website for $5 -Splitsider
  • Before Tom Hiddleston became Loki, he auditioned for Thor. Here he is, blond and with a hammer. -ComicBookMovie
  • Kirk Cameron called the Grammy awards “an assault on the traditional family” in an effort to plug a DVD he made. Very cool! I love him, he always seems great! -Pajiba
  • And finally, Chris Pratt has confirmed his casting in Jurassic World. -/Film
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  1. Yesss, Jurassic World! I don’t even care that it will probably be terrible. DINOSAURS.

  2. I mean the Grammys sucks, but you suck more KIRK. Where is HIS DVD on the DVD sales chart, anyway?! LAST?

  3. Last night I watched a War Horse press junket interview with Hiddleson & Cumberbatch. Towards the end, Cumberbatch provides a couple minutes’ fairly nuanced analysis of the pervasive use of horses on the battlefield despite technological innovation. Hiddleson then says “You can’t even imagine what 8 million horses looks like. I mean, you wouldn’t fit 8 million horses on a football pitch. Not even two. It’s just staggering.” I love them both now because one is brilliant and one is a huge, adorable dope, though I won’t embarrass anyone by saying which is which.

  4. “You told me on FACEBOOK howyou wanted to see MERCY RULE….That’s why Family Christian stores and I are giving it to you NOW, just the way you want it”…is this Christian porn or something??

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