• Jon Daly’s imaginary friend is Kenny G. -FunnyOrDie
  • Louis C.K. appeared on the Tonight Show last night and announced the release of his full-length film Tomorrow Night, which he made in 1998. He also said goodbye to Jay Leno. Goodbye, Jay Leno! -Splitsider
  • I’m so sorry if you were holding out for either Emma Roberts or Evan Peters, and I truly hate to be the one to tell you this if you were, but they just got engaged to each other. American Horror Story? More like American LOVER Story! -Dlisted
  • Armond White heckled 12 Years a Slave director Steve McQueen at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards last night, shouting “you’re an embarrassing doorman and garbage man,” (all right) and then “puh-leeze.” Hahahaha. PUH-LEEZE! -FilmDrunk
  • And finally, Jerry Seinfeld did a reddit AMA yesterday and /Film has picked out the ten best moments. Are they all related to Comedians In Cars Having Coffee, or just most of them? Click to find out! -/Film
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  1. Man, the Armond White thing made me so happy because I have a friend who thinks Armond White isn’t just a troll.

    • Wait…how can your friend not think he’s a troll? He practically invented being a troll. He likes Adam Sandler, for god’s sake!!!

      • My friend is one of those strange, wonderful people you meet whose opinions are wildly unpredictable. He is smart as heck, and interested in all sorts of films, books, comcis, music, but you never know what it really means when he recommends something. There have been things that he has recommended to me that I love, and things that I have hated. This happens with everyone, but with him, its not like you can easily tell “Oh,. he liked that but I won’t.” or “He didn’t like that, but I will.” It is a strange crapshoot. Hence, him thinking Armond White has actual opinions.

    • He’s totally capable of writing well and respectfully, just look up the essay he supplied Criterion for Truffaut’s The Last Metro. The fact that this is the very rare exception makes his trolling all the more objectionable, and this outburst should really put the nail in the coffin—completely unacceptable, offensive behavior.

  2. I spoke way too soon, thinking nothing would top the Michael Bay video, but here we have a new Jon Daly Imaginary Friend episode…

  3. Not just a doorman, but an embarrassing doorman! That’s harsh. (I think? Obviously, like everyone else, I have no idea what this guy is actually talking about.)

  4. My bff boss has Kenny G’s phone number from a jazz club he works at. I always want to drunk dial him, but he wont let me ;(

  5. Also can you imagine ERIC ROBERTS as a father in law? PARTTYY TIME (or nightmare time)

  6. Also guys, if you knew that McQueen was black, but didn’t know White was also black…would you assume that Armond White was a racist douchebag instead of a douchbag? The doorman thing is weird.

    • There is a race thing there, for sure. White seems blinded by party politics, naming Henry Louis Gates a “race hustler” in his review of the film. His review of Captain Phillips is even worse, where he proves totally incapable of even seeing what’s on the screen for his animosity toward the leftist resonances of Greengrass’s PAST films.

      • Man, I just read that one. It is insane. Okay, racist portrayal of the Other, fine, I can believe that (I haven’t seen the movie)…but also liberal compassion for the Other? What? So… confuse.

        • Yeah, he contradicts himself all over the place. He seems to want an even more detailed examination of the socio-economic forces driving the narrative yet balks at the fact that such a critique exists.

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