• Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, Steve Carell, and David Koechner appeared on the Daily Show last night and they were fun. You can watch it now, the end! -DailyShow
  • Speaking of, Paul Rudd is going to star in Marvel’s Ant-Man. “I’m not Ant-Man, I’m an ant, man!” -An ant. Ahahah. -Variety
  • Wow, theses lists of the top ten TV shows of the last twenty years are stranger than you might guess. I know that sounds like a link-bait headline, but for real, YOU WON’T BELIEVE YOUR EYES just kidding, but Friends is only #1 once! -Uproxx
  • A&E suspended the guy from Duck Dynasty for being what the guys from Duck Dynasty clearly are. A&E should suspend itself! YOU DID THIS! -Dlisted
  • Die Hard blooper trailer, you guys. -DeathAndTaxes
  • And finally, /Film has put together a list of their top five action scenes of 2013. Did your favorite action scene (the conversation at the dinner table scene in Before Midnight) make the list?! (No.) -/Film
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  1. I just hope that all of the big box stores out there don’t have to pull all of the Duck Dynasty-branded shirts, hats, jackets, scarves, ascots, blankets, pillows, towels, washcloths, pillow cases, sheets, napkins, egg slicers, teapots, coozies, aprons, thumb drives, headphones, books, CDs, toys, video games, chia pets, coffee cups, wine glasses, board games, jewelry, candy, electric razors, vibrators, bumpits, lava lamps, dog toys, calendars, phone covers, and mousepads! I’m not sure our Duck Dynasty-based economy can recover from this!

    • On the other hand, the Duck Dynasty butt plugs are going to be hot collector’s items.

    • I continue to be amazed by how much Duck Dynasty merch there is and how many people wear it, in all earnestness, all the time! Like, people I know! Many people I know! A coworker of mine went to a Duck Dynasty -themed party, for a child just a couple weeks ago! This is like the saturation level of Cars, except it also involves adults and it is OUT OF CONTROL! Stop Duck Dynasty inflation now!!!

    • In walmart there was a Woman’s pink camouflage duck dynasty onesie Pjs

  2. I hit a weird internet milestone wherein I called a complete stranger a bigot (or bigot sympathizer) on a facebook post (or rather implied that he is one) over the Duck Dynasty situation. I’d prefer to ignore it all, but he said one of my triggers which is “Why does free speech not apply to Christians?” so that’s fun.

    • Since we’re not Facebook friends (ACCEPT MY REQUEST ALREADY!), I will simply copy/paste what I posted not 30 seconds before you commented this here comment.

      “Hey everybody? You DO realize that freedom of speech only means that you are legally entitled to say whatever you want as long as it doesn’t cause a clear and present danger, correct? It doesn’t mean that you’re shielded from being viewed as an asshole. Because people can definitely still think you’re an asshole, and your can definitely be fired for saying stupid things and still retain your rights, as long as you haven’t been arrested. Just puttin’ that out there.”

      • Yep, exactly.
        Good for Phil Robertson for exercising his freedom of speech.
        Even better for A&E for exercising their right to fire that garbage-filled hater.

        What will be really interesting is if the rest of the family says “oh yeah, we all feel that way” and then A&E has to consider dumping their biggest show.

        Also what bugs me is that it’s not that revolutionary that this particular person feels this way about gay people (doesn’t make it okay) but did you read what he said about African-Americans? BONKERS!!! (basically that they were all happier under Jim Crow laws)

        • Haha, really?! I stopped reading when I saw the part where he scientifically proved that Jesus makes everything better, because of the lack of Jesus surrounding four awful societies: Nazis, Shintos, Islams, and Communists. I just gave up at that point.

          • Oh man, I didn’t read about the Nazis (weren’t Nazis Christians?)… also here we go again with the conflation of Islam and extremists (terrorists). Fuck that garbage!

          • And the convenient ignoring of every holy war involving Christianity. Let’s not forget those Crusades, stupid bearded guy!

          • He didn’t just conflate Islam and extremism–he conflated HOMOSEXUALITY and TERRORISM! The man is a dick. I don’t know why he can’t just STFU and count his damn money.

          • Yeah, that was great. Christian nations have definitely never started wars or committed atrocities! Nope! (Although, I have to say, I was surprised he even knew the word Shinto.)

  3. I was just talking about Joe Millionaire when I went to dinner at my grandma’s the other day! I was explaining the concept to my aunt and she said something like “I wouldn’t have been mad about the money, I would have been mad that he lied to me” and I was just like “WHATEVER! I would have been mad about the money! If I’m going to go on a show about trying to marry a millionaire the dude had better actually be a millionaire because I’m sure as hell not there to find love!” and my aunt was just like “…”

    • Cool story, catweazle.

    • I loved Joe Millionaire! And I think the lady who won was pretty pissed that he lied to her (as well as disappointed about the money which I feel was kind of unfair because anyone would be disappointed, but that doesn’t mean you’d leave the person or love them less, just be disappointed that oh yeah you have to worry about money again).

      Also there was a show once called For Love or Money where the people tried to win (based on love) and then got to decide whether they wanted to keep the dude (love!!!) or take some money (money!!!) and that show was also amazing!

      • I’ve mentioned it before, but I will never NOT mention it. There was a short-lived dating show called Senseless, where a woman had to choose between 6 men, but couldn’t see them. Everything was done in the dark. The catch was that two of the men knew here and wanted to date her, two of them knew her and hated her for whatever reasons, and two were the grossest people the producers could pull off of the streets. Whoever she chose got to pick between the date or taking $1000 and sending her on a date with one of the other guys. It was phenomenal.

        • There was also a show called Mr. Personality where the guys all had to wear masks and were referred to by the color of their masks and that was definitely one of the creepiest shows that I couldn’t stop watching.

  4. It’s interesting to be able to pinpoint the precise time on the 90s when I stopped having any idea what the fuck most other people were watching.

    Also, Grace Under Fire was a top 5 show for 2 years? Huh.

  5. I live in Duck Dynasty hell. People here go ape shit for it. My news feed has been inundated for the past 12 hours with bullshit about free speech, a Christian nation, turning back to God or God’s gonna turn his back on us, and the like. I don’t know what to do or say, so I’m saying nothing. But I’m leaving this here because I found it a couple days ago and it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen.

  6. The thing about Duck Dynasty (like there’s only one thing) is, putting aside the ignorance and bigotry for a moment, it is SO. BORING. I watched some episodes once because I wanted to at least partially understand what the big deal was, and needless to say, I still don’t. They’re a fairly normal family, which just doesn’t make for interesting viewing. If they were crazy enough to be entertaining, I’d get it.


  8. You really know you stepped in it when Sarah Palin starts defending you.

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