• Bill Murray and Emma Stone surprised and entertained the troops in Hawaii and it seems like it was delightful. -Pajiba
  • In 1998, Vincent Gallo appeared as a surprise guest in a roundtable dicussion of film critics first discussing criticism itself and then discussing Buffalo ’66. He does not take their criticism especially well, if you can imagine! (He says he does see the need for criticism, though, and also he says he will NEVER speak French.) -BlackBookMag
  • “The most irate response to negative Hobbit reviews from commenters who haven’t seen The Hobbit yet.” -FilmDrunk
  • Taylor Kitsch has weighed in on the idea of a Friday Night Lights movie, and the idea that the Friday Night Lights movie is not happening. I will not rest until every actor involved in the television series tells an interviewer no and a little bit why not!! -/Film
  • Remember Tila Tequila? She still doesn’t seem to be doing okay! Someone should talk to her! -DeathAndTaxes
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  1. Poor Tila Tequila. Remember when juggalos threw poo at her, and still her life somehow only got worse from there?

  2. This is totally off-topic but I just reminded some friends and my landlord this actually useful winter safety tip — if you are in an area that is cold and snowy and driving (even if you’re driving to go play in the snow and hitting a mountain pass), keep a self-contained candle (like a Yankee Candle or whatever) with a lighter *and* strike anywhere matches under the passenger’s side seat. This way if you are stuck and it’s cold out and your car won’t start, the heat from the candle will keep you from freezing to death while you wait for help. And never leave your car looking for help, especially in a blizzard. And keep water and power bars and a blanket. I wrap them all up in the blanket so they’re easy to get to if needed.

    The self-contained candles are really cheap at Marshall’s or TJ Maxx or HomeGoods or whatever discount store you have. Oh and you can air out the scent if you hate it, but spend the extra $3 or whatever and get a scent you don’t hate because if you’re in a situation where you have to burn a candle to not freeze to death, you probably don’t want to smell something gross.

    I learned this in a crazy cold snap in 1994 when the highs were -40 and with the wind the temp was -80 and my school was closed because it was too cold. A girl I knew (not a smart one) got frostbite from having a snowball fight for 10 minutes and had such severe frostbite she almost lost fingers. She had to wear gloves for a year and a half, even in summer.

    But it’s hitting record cold everywhere and I already saw flurries AGAIN so it’s worth sharing.

  3. I was bored yesterday so I actually watched the first Hobbit movie for the first time. It was very long. Also I’m not sure who it was made for. There were several Disney-esque song-and-dance numbers that seemed like they were made for a 6-year-old, mixed in with scenes of people being burned to death and beheaded.

    But also somehow it seemed like nothing really happened other than a couple of battle-flashbacks and some walking in the woods? And dwarves can have either crazy Klingon makeup-face but also be just pretty normal handsome dudes with long hair? I’m a fan of the LOTR movies, but this one just left me confused and no less bored than I was going in.

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