• Remember when we talked about how the upcoming season of the Real World was going to feature ex-girlfriends and -boyfriends of the roommates? You remember. It seemed like it was going to be very bad? Well, they released a trailer! -MTV
  • Mike White has a new comedy in development at HBO. -Indiewire
  • Leonardo DiCaprio is producing a biopic about the early career of Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson without Bill Watterson’s involvement. -Uproxx
  • John Mulaney was on The Pete Holmes Show last night, and his interview was fun if you’d like to watch it? In case you like fun? -Splitsider
  • Speaking of watching and speaking of fun, you can now watch the first episode of Tim and Eric’s new JASH show, Dr. Wareheim. -JASH
  • Don’t go number two in your pants or anything, but a Sherlock mini-episode is going to be available to watch on Christmas day. -RadioTimes
  • Aww, Mrs. Thor stood in for Natalie Portman during Thor 2‘s final kissing scene. Maybe she can answer the question for me about Natalie Portman’s clothing. Is it the buttons? Do they use smaller buttons?! -Dlisted
  • “Meet Lizzie and Wendy: Bob’s Burgers Hilarious Sister Writing Duo.” (Do!) (Do meet them!) -KQED
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  1. Aww, that interview made me wish my sister and I were a hilarious writing duo. I guess we will just have to settle for both liking overalls.

  2. Wait just a minute! You mean we can write biopics with no input from the still-living subject?! Then I’d better get started on my Jennifer Lawrence biopic where she marries me and we buy an island together with George Clooney and Terry Crews the end.

  3. I remember when the Real World was culturally relevant (just like Earth, I am six thousand years old) and there were stories coming out about how it’s not really real and they would stock the fridges with tons of booze and try a ton of other ways to drum up drama and everyone was like “WHAAAT?!” but now everyone just gave up and we call that reality TV. Or Bravo.

    Also, I’m not sure how the hook of that show caught on. Seven twentysomething strangers living in a house together for three months and drink a shit ton? Isn’t that just college? I’m pretty sure I’ve lived with people and didn’t find out their last names until I had to figure out who this person is sending me a Facebook friend request. Also, I’m an open mic comic from 1991. With access to Facebook.

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