• George Bush presented Jay Leno with a painting he did of him last night on The Tonight Show, which is certainly something. -NowThis
  • Smearballs and Cyriak (names we all know and understand, moving on) did a supercut of Conan‘s third season, and it is very Smearballs and Cyriak-y. Cyriak could put big, dancing heads on the phonebook and I’d enjoy it! -TeamCoco
  • Dave Holmes wrote about his experience with MTV in the late nineties for Vulture and it is very, very good. You should read it! -Vulture
  • Film noir titles or regrettable lower back tattoos? -McSweeney’s
  • Josh Hutcherson is hosting SNL this weekend. Want to watch the promos? Up to you! -NBC
  • Frank Darabont is still upset with the “sociopaths” who fired him from The Walking Dead, and spoke about it (a few times) while doing press for Mob City. -/Film
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  1. That painting isn’t bad enough for me to make fun of it as much as I want to.

  2. I’m glad George Bush’s art therapy is going well.

  3. Of course George W. Bush paints pictures of Jay Leno in his spare time.

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