• You can’t watch the Breaking Bad gag real that was going around earlier today anymore, wah-wah, but you can still watch the Malcolm in the Middle/Breaking Bad alternate ending if you’d like to! STOP COMPLAINING! -/Film
  • Speaking of, Vince Gilligan has signed an overall deal with Sony Pictures TV. Congratulations, Vince Gilligan! I didn’t even know you made overalls! Aaahahahahaha. LOL. -Deadline
  • Tom Hiddleston singing karaoke in a car, ladies. -FilmDrunk
  • Carrot Top says that he hasn’t had any plastic surgery. Okay. Life your life, Carrot Top! -Dlisted
  • Want to see an image from the face melting scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark, except with more exploding head? You can! -DeathAndTaxes
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  1. The BB alternative ending is just a testament to how brilliant Bob Newhart is.

  2. Someone should tell Carrot Top that, at a certain point, “I have a terrible plastic surgeon” is actually less embarassing than “This is just what I naturally evolved into.”

  3. Speaking of alternate endings to Breaking Bad, I recently discovered that the whole show was secretly a prequel to Gilmore Girls the whole time!

  4. Oh Hiddleston! He just won’t rest until he’s charmed everyone.

  5. Those last two items appearing next to each other can’t be a coincidence.

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