• Here’s a picture of J.J. Abrams with some sort of small robot! -/Film
  • Jaden Smith is still very good at Twitter, and has some ideas for solving world hunger if you can give him a sec. -FilmDrunk
  • Are you guys going to see Nebraska this weekend? I kind of want to! Okay, that was a fun chat, I’m glad we had it! Here is a supercut of Will Forte screaming! -Vulture
  • Stevie Nicks is going to play herself in an upcoming episode of American Horror Story. Doesn’t she always play herself on that show? -EW
  • God, I love hearing about Rob Ford. So much that it’s hard to enjoy hearing every new thing he says because I know that someday it’s going to end, and I never want it to end!! Roobbb! FOooooorrrd!-Dlisted
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  1. Being that I do not like Fleetwood Mac, I am very much looking forward to seeing what horrors Ryan Murphy will bring down upon Ms. Nicks. I can’t wait.

  2. I saw Nebraska at a film festival about a month ago and I cannot recommend people see it enough. I was a little worried because the trailer is cut to try and make it seems like faux-hipster quirky, but since that is how 98% of all indie-ish movie trailers are cut no matter what I went for it (for Bob Odenkirk, hubba hubba) and it couldn’t be more unlike that. It was very funny and very sad, but it wasn’t forcing you to laugh or feel sad at all and the pacing was perfect and the acting was also very good. A++.

    So, that was long but anyway, good movie.

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