Remember when the Real World was something special? 100 years ago? I do — I used to vividly, but as time goes on I lose bits and pieces of it…the consistency of Puck’s snot, the vibrancy of Melissa’s paintings, the grossness of Mormon Julie’s relationship with her brother, the urgency with which Stephen slapped Irene, the intensity behind Kevin and Julie’s fight about racism that lead to Julie saying that racism was still a problem “because of people like EEOOUU, Kevin!,” the time that Steven said “FOR THE REST OF MUUYY LUUUYYF!” after Brynn threw a fork at him. Haha, actually I remember it all pretty well. Still there! The show is dead, though, unfortunately. From Entertainment Weekly:

For the first time ever, pioneering MTV reality series The Real World is changing its format. After 21 years and 28 seasons, The Real World is shaking things up with a twist and name change for its upcoming edition, which has the show returning to San Francisco.

Arguably TV’s second longest-running reality show (the first would be COPS, which launched in 1989), The Real World will be re-titled The Real World: Ex-Plosion when it airs next year.

The season begins like any other: Seven young, attractive and single diverse cast-mates from around the country move into a house (first cast photo above). They’ll start to form bonds, with each other and with San Francisco locals. Then, one month into the three-month shoot, they’ll go away for a day trip. When they return, they’re in for a huge shock: Their exes have moved in too.

Oh, brother. It does make sense, though. The Real World concept is no longer shocking in a, I don’t know, Million Second Quiz world? Tan Mom world? Twitter world? The garbage Internet one-second-of-infamy-hungry world we’re living in now. BUT FOR HOW LONG CAN THEY TRICK PEOPLE INTO LIVING WITH THEIR EXES?! Jonathan Murray, co-creator of The Real World, in the Entertainment Weekly article, goes on to explain that they “had probably 10 good ideas for the season.” This was just one of them, he says, and “maybe there will be another good idea for season 30.” But what are those other nine?! Let’s take a stab:

  • Trick people into living with ghosts of their dead relatives.
  • Trick people into living with people they’ve blogged negative things about.
  • Everyone lives with Courtney Stodden.
  • Cast women who don’t know they’re pregnant yet but they find out that they’re pregnant on-air.
  • No food in house.
  • 1 human, the rest dogs.
  • 2 humans — one pretends like there are 5 other people living in the house that he or she interacts with. Cameras follow those “other people.” The other real person begins to question which of them is the crazy one.
  • Something with Catfish.
  • Everyone has a podcast except one person, see how long it takes that person to get a podcast or leave.


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  1. Everyone in the house has to get their hair cut like Jon from RW:LA used to get his hair cut: Put cowboy hat on head. Tell the stylist to “cut around it.”

  2. Everybody in the cast is a professional ghost hunter but there are no ghosts.

  3. 3 months of 6-on-1 paintball.

  4. Seven sexy singles are living it up and suddenly there is a baby in the house and they have to take care of it.

  5. Instead of 1 house with 7 people, have 7 houses with 1 person each, and they have to compete to see which one can most drastically improve the curb appeal of their house.

  6. They all live in a Hausu.

  7. The Real World: Explosion

    One month into the three-month shoot, they’ll go away for a day trip. When they return, they’re in for a huge shock: the house explodes right in front of their eyes and now they are homeless.

  8. Make them live in a typical single-family home and work minimum wage jobs.

  9. They all actually have to live in Daly City.

  10. God, remember that iconic opening:

    This is the true story of seven strangers picked to live in a house and have their lives taped to find out what happens when people stop being polite and are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the police, who investigate crime; and the district attorneys, who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories.

  11. This same idea, except it’s everyone’s moms who come to stay. All the moms start a book club. It’s nice.

  12. Seven strangers are forced to have to come to a consensus on what to watch on Netflix every night for three months. It is a daily struggle that lasts at least six hours. After the third week they give up on movies and just watch all of Frasier. Everyone is satisfied.

  13. Adding exes is just going to make it The Real World: Eye-Rolling Edition

  14. The same beginning but when they come back their house is full of puppies!

  15. I’m calling bullshit on COPS being the longest-running reality program. Candid Camera was on for over 50 years. It’s probably the longest-running show ever!

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  17. What if one person had to live with their six exes? I bet that would be a fun train wreck. You had a mental breakdown! LOL!

  18. Bad Girls Club moves in. They won’t know what hit ‘em – literally!

  19. Also, this is the chance to finally produce a real-life version of that Geico Tiny House commercial. I still want Tiny House to exist.

    “See what happens when 7 strangers move into a house that was built TOO SMALL!”

  20. Real World: Mex-Ciled!

    Seven young, attractive and single diverse cast-mates from around the country move into a house. They’ll start to form bonds, with each other and with San Francisco locals. Then, one month into the three-month shoot, they’ll be deported to Mexico and the show will be canceled.

  21. Seven people are picked to live in a house for three months. After a month they go on a day trip, each having gotten an invitation from a mysterious source to an old mansion. While they are at the mansion, one of them is murdered, and they’re not allowed to leave until they find the killer. Also, they cancel the show and just show Clue every week instead.

  22. Anybody remember The 70′s House? It was on eight or nine years ago, I think. They took potential real world cast members and put them in a house decorated like it was the 70′s. And if anyone mentioned anything that happened after the 70′s, they would be kicked out.

  23. Seven strangers who THINK they’re on the next season of America’s Next Top Model but slowly realize that they’re actually just on the Real World (with bonus clips of Tyra talking about how hard it is to have to pretend she thinks they’re TOP MODEL material)

  24. Seven young, attractive and single diverse cast-mates go on a day trip and when they come back, they find their doppelgangers have taken up residence in the house. The doppelgangers are psychologically as well as physically identical. They share the same memories, the same habits, the same mannerisms, the same speech patterns… you get it. If you drink straight from the milk carton or talk in a movie theater (it’s annoying when other people do it but you don’t do it very often so it’s okay) so does your doppelganger. The doors to the house can no longer be opened from the inside and all contact with the outside world is cut off. None of the cast-mates understand what is expected of them.

    *sploosh* Almost missed that one. *whoosh*

  25. Trying to imagine if I were one of the cast members for this season… So I return to the house and sitting on my bed is my older sister’s Tyson Beckford calendar from high school?

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