• ‘Tis the season for us to gather ’round and watch parents lie to their children and make them cry in the hopes of getting the whole ordeal on Jimmy Kimmel Live. -JimmyKimmelLive
  • Michael Ian Black and Julie Klausner hung out and talked about some cat videos for Vulture, and you can watch it! If you’d like to! -Vulture
  • Uh, here is some video of a terrifying Renesmee doll that was used in the last Twilight movie. Want to see that? I know you already face so many choices all day and you don’t want to come here and have to face more, but I’m sorry, I can’t decide this stuff for you! -Dlisted
  • Sylvester Stallone’s paintings are touring Russia. Ah! -FilmDrunk
  • Bruce Campbell is now saying that Army of Darkness 2 is never going to happen. But what are we going to do with our Army of Darkness 2 tear-off calandars?! -/Film
  • And finally: good news GLEEKS — the show is never going to go away! Never ever ever! -RollingStone
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  1. That Jimmy Kimmel bit never gets old. But I do. So, so old.

  2. Awesome, a Glee spin off starring Lea Michele, for people who would watch Glee if it only it were more annoying.

  3. A lot of things confuse me about Twilight, but top of the list is the name “Renesmee.”

    • From Wikipedia

      Renesmee is a feminine given name created by author Stephenie Meyer for a character in Breaking Dawn, the fourth novel in the Twilight series. It is a combination of the names Renee and Esmé. The name, along with others used in the series, came into use due to the popularity of the books and movies. Seventeen baby girls born in 2009 in the United States were given the name Renesme or Renesmee.[1] The name rose in popularity for American girls the following year, when forty-seven girls were named Renesmee in 2010 in the United States and an additional eight girls were named Renesme. It dropped slightly in 2011, when thirty-three American girls born that year were given the name Renesmee and another five girls were given the name Renesme. In 2012, it rose again, when 59 American girls were given the name Renesmee.[2]

      The name is also given to baby girls born in other countries, including one in Scotland in 2009.[3]

      • And now I’ve learned that there is something more depressing than being named after the Twilight baby: being named after a misspelling of the Twilight baby.

      • Yeah. I knew all this, sadly enough. But that hasn’t cleared up my confusion as to how millionaire author (and therefore genius?) Stephanie Meyer thought it was a cool name, and how the readership didn’t evaporate in laughter when they saw it, and how functioning adults actually named their babies after the creepy demon with the made-up, unwieldy moniker. Every facet of this gem is confusing.

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