• Sarah Silverman released the pilot from her passed-on 2012 sitcom Susan 313 on JASH this morning, and it features Tig Notaro, Harris Wittels, June Diane Raphael, and Jeff Goldblum. Try not to accidentally watch it for too long while you’re supposed to be doing work! -JASH
  • Speaking of pilots, Dan St. Germain just sold one to Fox! -THR
  • There is a TON of stuff going on (or, not going on) with the Entourage movie these days, but all you need to know is that Kevin Connolly says that the movie is not only still happening, but ALSO filming begins in January. PHEW! -FilmDrunk
  • Kanye West and Kim Kardashian got Publicly (kind of) Engaged. -Dlisted
  • Want to see a deleted seen from The Internship? Hahaha. I know you’ve seen all the other scenes so many times and you thought you’d never get sick of them but right now you’re kind of feeling a little fatigued, so maybe this one will interest you? It has Will Ferrell in it, is why I bring it up. Why was it deleted? For real, why? #truehollywoodmysteries -/Film
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  1. Not only is he in that Sarah Silverman pilot, but Jeff Goldblum is also celebrating his birthday today! Happy birthday, buddy!!

  2. That Kanye/Kim wedding story was hard to read. The over-use of the word “whore” was a bit unsettling. Those two aren’t the best people in the world but they certainly aren’t the worst, and this story paints them as such. I mean at least Kanye is honest, right? Examples:

    “Slightly scratched your Corolla. OK, I smashed your Corolla.”

    “Do you remember when we first met? OK, I don’t remember where we first met.”

    • I can’t read the article because it is blocked at work but …. I have always wondered about Kim K. Kanye, whether one likes him or not, does actually produce music and perform it. Why is Kim K still famous? (I know why she was originally famous. Thanks, Ray J …) I know she has a “show” or something and “fans” but … who are these fans? What are they like? These are the types of questions I want answered in my celebrity gossip.

  3. So weird guys, I was just thinking, as I occasionally do, about how much I’d like to smoke a bowl with Jeff Golblum.

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