• Here is a photo of Avengers toys dressed up in the clothing of Star Wars toys. You can almost hear the cries of an older brother, “YOU RUINED THEM!!!” -/Film
  • Meet the crew behind IFC’s Comedy Bang! Bang! in this new, eye-opening video. -IFC
  • Another day, another robot that will eventually turn against us and win all of our footraces. When will we learn? (Soon.) -Dlisted
  • Apparently Showtime wouldn’t allow Dexter’s writers to kill Dexter during the show’s series finale. It’s as if Showtime has never heard of a little thing called a prequel or an “explaining away what you thought was a death.” It’s called TV, guys. -Vulture
  • ABC has ordered a pilot from Kevin Hart and former Community executive producers Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan. -Deadline
  • George Clooney photobombed Steven Spielberg and Jerry Seinfeld at an event. Oh, they have fun. -FilmDrunk
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  1. oooohh Clooney you charming devil

  2. Luke from the Innkeepers responded to the spooky movie club in the comments. Pretty cool. He also signed where he wrote it from. Pretty weird.

  3. Man, ScarJo does not wear that dress well.

  4. I’m a little freaked out by how realistic those Avengers figurines are. Also, Thor wouldn’t be Obi Wan. I don’t know who he WOULD be, but not him.

    • Hawkeye is more of an Obi Wan, I think. I think they must have purposely made him a Stormtrooper to be ironic since his whole deal is he’s really good at shooting things whereas Stormtroopers are not. Thor would be… I don’t even know. Yoda I guess. I want to recast the Hulk as Princess Leia to Iron Man’s Han Solo because they had such a smoldering bromance. Black Widow can be Boba Fett instead.

      • I was thinking of Chewbacca for Thor because he’s big and alien, but Thor isn’t grumpy enough to be Chewie. And I was thinking Lando for Hawkeye because of the forced-to-betray-his-friends thing.

        I clearly haven’t put enough thought into this.

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