• Tig Notaro is the most recent participant in Rookie’s “As A Grown Woman” series, and I recommend watching it. Even if you’re a grown woman yourself! #foreveryoung -Rookie
  • Jesse Eisenberg has another piece on McSweeney’s, what a treat! -McSweeney’s
  • Miley Cyrus is hosting and musical guesting Saturday Night Live this weekend, and the promos are now online. That means you can watch them! -Pajiba
  • Speaking of promos, and boy can I not get enough of speaking of promos!, are some new promos for the Walking Dead’s upcoming season online now, if you’d like to see them. -ComingSoon
  • And finally, the company that the girl with the dance video quit with her dance video released a dance video of their own. It’s hard to know which is the good guy and which is the bad guy in this situation, because first of all we’ll never have the whole story and it’s a boring story that’s none of our business anyway, and also generally people are a little bit of both! Namaste! -LaughingSquid
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  1. Is it weird that I’m kind of on the company’s side in the Marina/NMA Battle Of The Century? It’s pretty much always a dick move to quit publicly like that, and they seemed to take the right tack with their response. If I knew or cared about anything that the company does, I’d consider applying. Plus, a pool? At work??? Gimme a break!!!

    Sometimes companies and employees don’t really get along and that’s perfectly fine. But talking about your company’s philosophy or business decisions is better suited for an exit interview. That said, Marina had some good moves, so I’m sure she’ll be fine.

  2. I hope that animation company gets some video dance job applications. I’m enjoying this.

  3. The Walking Dead (how I have come to feel about it as it continues to confusingly be A Thing):

    Could Have Been: An interesting and more-expansive-than-a-movie-could-provide look at the idea of a zombie apocalypse, how people move on and society rebuilds itself, if it even can. A glimpse into the long term consequences of a full scale zombie pandemic.

    But It Actually Is: Some dumb turf war between a group of bad actors and a dude with an eyepatch.

    • This makes no sense. The original was very close to perfect (I can’t think of anything wrong with it, so to me it’s perfect, but nothing is ACTUALLY perfect, hence the qualification) and none of the accents were hard to understand. There is no reason for an American remake other than money. Also, if this delays or derails the second series they were talking about making in Britain… grr.

  4. Tig Notaro? Again, READ YOUR BIBLE, AMERICANS: “In the End of Days a jester shall appear to mislead the people. I, THE LORD, shall try to kill her, but shall be defeated (temporarily) by surgeons who call upon the magic of Satan’s elixirs and herbs. At least however I, THE LORD, shall render her boylike. Do not heed her siren call, idiots!”

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