• 10-year-old YouTube cover-rapper Matty B (remember?) has just released “Back In Time,” a song that is going to be featured on the sountrack of some movie (Free Birds). The big leagues! The Matty B-ig leagues. The song is not meant for us, and that will make itself intensely apparent in the first few seconds of the video. Stay safe, Matty B. -FilmDrunk
  • Due to rising costs in construction after Hurricane Sandy, Alamo Drafthouse has canceled plans for its Manhattan location. -/Film
  • YouTube has announced the first ever YouTube Music Awards. Jason Schwartzman will host, Spike Jonze will serve as creative director, and Arcade Fire (among others, like Eminem and Lady Gaga) will perform. Finally, an awards show for us just kidding no more award shows please. -Stereogum
  • Just a post about Aaron Paul talking about or interacting with animals. -DeathAndTaxes
  • IFC’s new sketch show The Birthday Boys doesn’t premiere on TV, ewwww TV!, until October 18, but you can watch a full episode online, YAAAY ONLINE!, now, if you want to! -Splitsdier
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  1. I was really looking forward to the Alamo Drafthouse in these parts! : (

    I guess it’s not like I’d be able to afford very many cinema visits anyway : ((((((((((((((

  2. I guess it is like the real Alamo then: it lost big.

    Sam Houston was fake and gay. Only Davey Crockett had any balls and that was because he killed Indians. Good riddance to their kind. We could use a few more Davey Crocketts today.

    • To finish off the Indians.

    • If only the government had hotspur’s level of commitment.

      • Show off that you read the news by making topical “wisecracks” all you like, topknot. That won’t end the festering Indian Problem and it just makes you look like a know-it-all. Word to the wise, everyone hates a know-it-all.

        • #standwithhotspur

          • If this is sarcasm, I will pay a modern-day Santa Ana (read: “Mexican”) to whip you like the dog you are. Oh and yes, the cruelty to animals analogy IS intended.

            If this is sincere (and you are Mexican) then you are now officially on retainer. You can do what you like but don’t leave the parking lot without my approval.

  3. The birthday boys looks promising!

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