• Did any of you read the 40 Days of Dating blog, from the two New York graphic designer friends who dated each other for 40 days? Well, you don’t even have to read it, because it’s going to be a movie. -NextMovie
  • There are going to be live, improvised, social media-based ads for Lexus during a few episodes of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon in the next few weeks. That sounds very weird! “Improv + advertisements, could it BE any more like less of a thing that I’d want to watch?” -Chandler -Variety
  • Speaking of Chandler, there are rumors about Jennifer Aniston being pregnant again! I hope she is. Can you even imagine how her skin will glow?! She can name her baby Monica or Ross!!! -Dlisted
  • Here’s a new teaser for the upcoming Old Boy remake. Get ready to be #teased. -FilmDrunk
  • In 2014, Lego will produce a film called Beyond The Brick: A LEGO Brickumentary, that will look at the toy’s cultural impact. CAN YOU IMAGINE WATCHING THAT MOVIE? I’m sure it will be interesting, but…(can you imagine?). -/Film
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  1. A guy I work with who thinks that we are bffs was obsessed with 40 Days of Dating and constantly tried to get me to read it, but I am a contrarian so I didn’t. Now I’m going to have to hear about the movie? Geez.

  2. Old Boy sounds like a Nick Swardson comedy spoofing Benjamin Button.

  3. Two young graphic designers who live in New York decided to date each other for forty days and blog about it? And now there’s going to be a movie about it. I think I passed out from rolling my eyes too hard.

  4. Is she to old to have a baby now? How old is to old to have a baby?

  5. I hope the tagline of the movie is: “When you gaze into the navel, the navel also gazes into you”

  6. oh man, 40 Days of Dating. That blog was such an insufferable example of a douchebad making decisions for a woman as some part of some bullshit “I know what she needs better than she does” thing that always happens in TV shows and movies but I had kept my fingers crossed that real men didn’t do it. So now I am content to just spend the rest of my life with my cat.

  7. I actually read the 40 days of dating blog from day 1 and enjoyed every bit of it. I eagerly awaited each day (they updated the blog day by day) and couldn’t wait to see how it ended. It was interesting and very well written. Maybe it’s because I’m a graphic designer, but I also loved the visual aspects of it, the typography, videos…

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