• Rian Johnson, the director of last night’s Breaking Bad (along with Brick, Looper, and the episode “Fly”) tweeted a bunch of behind-the-scenes photos from last night’s episode. -Vulture
  • Speaking of Breaking Bad, just a little bit longer, here are a bunch of showrunners (including Matthew Weiner and Glen Mazzara) talking about what makes it so good. -CoCreate
  • Jack Nicholson has clarified the fact that he is not retiring, saying that he has not closed the door on making movies, he just doesn’t have any patience for shitty ones. And they’re mostly shitty! -FilmDrunk
  • Amy Poehler spoke with E Online about Saturday Night Live, Miley Cyrus, and being a twerking mother. -EOnline
  • The incredible looking 12 Years a Slave won the audience award at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sunday. -HollywoodReporter
  • Finally, a fan yanked Beyoncé off-stage in Sao Paulo last night and she kept on singing + the GIF is VERY good. Does she never stop giving?! -Dlisted
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  1. I want to see 12 Years A Slave so much, but I know it will destroy me (which is the point, and it should, but still, I’m already preparing to ugly-cry my way through the whole thing).

    • Many moons ago when I first heard of this movie and all the info they had was “Directed by Steve McQueen, based on a true slavery story” my immediate reaction was “CHIWETEL IS GOING TO GET NOMINATED FOR AN OSCAR AND EVERYBODY IS GOING TO HAVE TO LEARN HOW TO PRONOUNCE HIS NAME!” And it looks like I may have been right!

      • 12 Years is the first film Flanny owes me for 1D 3D. It’s the first in my Benedict Fall Trifecta.

        Also, I’ve heard that this is wonderful and devastating, so I’m going to take kleenx and prepare for a stunned silence dinner afterwards.

      • My friends and I call him “Chitwel Angel” after Stillwell Angel in A League of Their Own. I am very excited to learn how to pronounce it correctly!

  2. Not that I watch Breaking Bad, but I saw everyone’s reactions on social media. All I can say is, of course it was that bad, Rian Johnson directed it.

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