How was your day today? Were you hounded about your personal life in a bunch of different interviews that you have to do for your job where, in each one, you have to figure out a polite way to say “it’s none of your business and I don’t want to talk about it,” but then in one of them you did say that you’re not in a relationship right now, so maybe, actually, hey, maybe we can be the ones that date you, Benedict Cumberbatch?! From the Telegraph, via Celebitchy:

Unattached after splitting with girlfriend Anna Jones following a 12-year relationship with Olivia Poulet, he likes to keep his private life closed to outsiders and avoids talking about girlfriends. “I draw the line about answering questions like that,” he says with a polite smile. “I’m not a commitment-phobe and I was in a relationship for 12 years. But am I in a relationship now? Not right at the moment.”

Not right at the moment? CHA-CHING! Hahaha. We have a chance, everybody! Now’s our time to go for it. What are you going to do to make Benedict Cumberbatch yours? What do you think he likes? Punk records? “I bought you a copy of Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables on vinyl, it’s an Alternative Tentacles pressing.” A NICE DINNER? I don’t know! I’m sure one of us will marry him, though, eventually. Sometimes you can just feel things and know them 4sure. Anyway, how was your day?

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  1. Look, you gotta start posting these things earlier or something. Every Wednesday I come in to work, all ready to tell you how my day went. Then before you ask, I get all distracted by something and then forget everything I had to tell you!

    Today I got distracted by my boss asking me to do something that took me 2 hours because the information we were provided was inaccurate, and I had to track down the correct information, ascertain exactly what was needed of me, and get it out to, by total coincidence, a person I interviewed with last year but who did not hire me. So I was representing my boss who dumped this on me and went home, AND trying to show this person that she should have hired me, so there was all this pressure to make sure I had it exactly right, only to find out in the end that all they needed was an address. That’s it!

    And then I got distracted again, because I found out that this exists:

    Fantasy sports insurance! How precious!

  2. My day wasn’t great. I’m having a bad rosacea flare up for some reason and even though i know it doesn’t look that bad, it makes me very self-conscious. And then I forgot my lunch at home, and THEN a spider dropped down right in front of my face while I was typing (it was a very small spider, but STILL). But now I’m home and had a big dinner and am reading the sheep detective mystery that specialk recommended in an earlier post, so that is obviously great.

  3. Today was crappy! Actually it started last night, so maybe it’s more of a last-24-hours thing. Basically it’s super crappy because I came hom yesterday to find a bill from my state unemployment office saying they overpayed me (not true) and now I need to pay them back $7217 for unemployment for almost a year and a half ago. WHAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTT?????????????????? So naturally I started panic crying and couldn’t stop crying for most of the evening, then I came into my real job late today because I needed some time to spend on the phone with those fucking assholes. So now I have to appeal this and it’s going to mean at least a few months of more bullshit and probably hiring a lawyer or something and WAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH EVERYTHING SUCKS SOMEONE GIVE ME A DOG TO CUDDLE STAT!!!!!

    • Better call Saul.

      JK I’m sorry that sounds awful :(

    • Oh, yikes. That’s awful.

      • It sucks! Nobody get laid off and then try to find a job and not be able to find one for 6 months because a year and a half later after you’ve found a job your life will suck all the balls!

    • Oh yikes, that sounds terrible. I love how when the government screws up, it’s somehow still your fault and costs you money. Gross.

      I’m sorry, go find a puppy to love you!

      • My favorite experience regarding this is when I moved to Virginia. I was sent 1 license plate through the mail, when I needed 2 for both ends of the car. I called them to ask about how I could get an extra plate, but the lady insisted how fuckin’ infallible they are and had me go through the whole process again.

        • I had to go to court in Maine because the Massahusetts DMV forget to fax them a letter that said my license WASN’T revoked. I think I ended up spending $200 for being innocent. Thankfully I didn’t need to lawyer up.

      • My wife went to live in the Canary Islands for a few months when she was younger, and when she got back to Finland the government had somehow decided that she’s Spanish. She had to spend absurd amounts of time proving that she was, in fact, Finnish. She doesn’t even like paella!

        • After I had been living overseas, I kept getting requests from the government every time I filed my taxes asking when I had decided to immigrate and if I had my permanent residency yet. Which, yeah I am an immigrant, but I immigrated here like 25 years ago and my mom is Native so I’m pretty sure I don’t need a permanent residency after living abroad for 3 years?? It went on for almost 5 years.

    • Good luck. I got you an emergency puppy.

    • Take a picture of yourself lighting a cigar with a $100 bill, and caption it “Come and get it, assholes!” They’ll be so intimidated, they’ll just drop the whole thing.

  4. Allow me to brag and tell you guys that I’m actually going to be interviewing Benedict Cumberbatch this weekend, and I really think he will open up with me about his dating life. So I’m pretty excited and that means my day is good!

  5. I’m covered up at work; I work at a university and am dealing with late enrollments/registrar problems/ughfest 2013 and I finally said F it, I’m getting a pedicure. And I did. And the pedicure professional made me bleed in TWO different places. So that SUCKED. Then I got a chai, and that was good. Now I’m going home to watch the Master Chef finale. I think I’d give today a 6.5 outta 10.

  6. Today has been super because the new Bill Callahan album, which doesn’t actually come out until next week, was delivered! And they gave me a free poster, maybe because I am a weirdo who ordered both the CD and the vinyl? I don’t usually buy things on vinyl that I haven’t heard before but

    is just so beautiful.

    Also super is that after work I am going to see the RuPaul’s Drag Race Battle of the Seasons! Sharon and Alaska and Manila and Detox and Willam and Pandora are performing! Three of my all-time faves and three that I like quite a lot! It’s going to be splendid.

    And finally, I was looking at fashion week pictures and saw this monstrosity, so naturally I tweeted a picture of it with the words “Girl, no” and the designer favorited my tweet, so I think I need to sleep with one eye open tonight.

  7. Well, I am still riding the high of the One Direction Movie Club, but I also finally finished Breaking Bad!! It’s exciting because I don’t have to freak out about spoilers anymore, but it is sad because I am used to being able to press the button and make the next one appear, but now I can’t and it’s very sad for me :( :(

    Also, today is kettle corn day, so that is stellar.

  8. Trying to identify a mystery compound on the HPLC and having little luck. It elutes around 27 minutes in this 40-ish minute organic acids method, around where most alcohols and aldehydes are eluting. The NMR gave me inconclusive data, but a couple peaks suggest that it has two methyl groups bound to a single carbon. Any ideas, nerds?

    Also, trying to find a new place to move somewhere on the SF peninsula that doesn’t have crazy high rent but also isn’t terrible. Lots of questions today and very few answers!

  9. It was meh but so, so, so, hot. I started a new book, had a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch.

  10. I am sitting around waiting for people to be done with their part of the project so I can drop it into the document. I just want to leave! I’ve been sitting here for 2 hours like this. It’s been a boring day.

    I’m off to see Chvrches tonight, for the second time in 2 days. They only played for like 45 minutes, which was a bit lame. But I have a ticket, so I may as well go.

    On a cryptic note, last night I had one of those experiences that was comparable to Leah Dunham on Girls. At least, I think it was, but I’ve only ever seen Tiny Furniture and one episode. Just one of those idiotic decisions you make in your mid-20s and wake up the next morning and say “Seriously, neverabadidea, why did that seem like a good idea at the time?” I think I have now lived up to my username.

  11. Today I had zero cookies and 2 Tootsie Pops so overall not bad.

    • The amount of free food in my office today was a site to behold. I had a bagel, some cheese and crackers, 2 cookies, and a quinoa stuffed pepper. nom nom nom

  12. Monster update: a few weeks ago I commiserated with you guys about finding out I was pregnant/getting laid off from my job on the same day. Just wanted to let you know that I got the job- I’m teaching 4th grade!!! Yay, health insurance for baby cupcake!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    AND in unrelated news, my cat who had been missing for 24 hours found his way back home this evening! It’s an embarrassment of riches over here!!!

  13. My other comment is awaiting moderation because I fail at links, but in the meantime, I forgot to mention that today I discovered there is a model who looks exactly like a girl version of Jesse Plemons:

  14. My day was pretty boring, so I will talk about how I almost freakin’ DIED on Saturday. I joined some family and friends at a beach home this weekend, where the house’s owner had lined up a bunch of outdoor activities for us. It was all fine and dandy, until they suggested we go ski tubing, where you’re riding an inner tube tethered to a jet ski. My friend and I were hanging on to dear life as the driver, the owner’s brother-in-law, whipped us around the ocean without restraint.

    After a couple of spills, we figured this guy was done, and headed back to the dock. We were wrong, as he continued his goddamn shenanigans next to ocean shore that is basically ALL ROCKS. He took one really sharp turn and sent my friend and I hurtling towards land. I was EXTREMELY lucky and came out unscathed, but my friend did not. He slammed into shore and ended up with some pretty serious gashes.

    I seriously don’t know what is wrong with this idiot. He claims he does this all the time with his kids, which makes me consider referring his name to Child Protective Services.

  15. i really don’t want to go into work today, but i am SUPER broke. i won’t have enough money to pay for my fall classes until i get my next paycheck, so they were dropped after yesterday’s non-payment drop date. but the classes all still have open seats, and friday is the last drop date, so i figure i will just re-add them after that and then pay at my leisure? this sounds like a good plan that will DEFINITELY play out the way i think it will.

    my friends’ band that i did a bunch of design work for earlier this year are FINALLY paying me for it, so i am very excited about that. i am going to use the money to buy a 3ds and the new pokemon game when it comes out, because i am an ADULT. (they also offered me more design work, but i’m not sure if that’s included under what they’re paying me or if i’ll get payed for that six months later as well. i have no idea how to conduct business.)

  16. We’re having end of the world level thunder and lightning. And I’m home alone. :(

    • Be careful! And hide under furniture better than wicker if it gets bad…

      p.s. We don’t really get thunderstorms on the West Coast and I’m really jealous. My dog, however, is not.

      • Packy says that’s one of the things he misses about home. Crazy thunderstorms.

      • I know what you mean. I miss thunder, West Coast weather is too boring

        • GUYS COME DOWN HERE TO LA FLORIDA. You will get an end of the world thunderstorm every afternoon from May-October!!

          • I get way too excited when I visit the rest of the country and get to experience thunderstorms again. My first reaction is to run outside and yell “I’ve missed you!!!” which seems super normal and totally safe. I also like small – medium earthquakes, though I’ve never felt anything higher than a 5.6. I’ve outrun two tornadoes in my car while driving alone on I-80 in Iowa — outrun so I could find shelter and safety. And 12 years ago today, I took in a bunch of friends from the South Slope to sit in my place in Prospect Heights and drink bourbon and watch the smoke/fires from my roof without breathing in the crazy toxic air. My shrink at the time said that people who are generally hyperactive and anxious tend to do really really well in actual emergency situations since we have a lot of unnecessary adrenaline as-is and dealing with actual scary stuff allows us to focus the energy and stay calm… which is why I’ve signed up to be a volunteer paratrooper firefighter.*

            *Just kidding.

    • It was going nuts here too for awhile! I like storms though, as long as the power doesn’t go out.

    • This is maybe too late for anyone to read, but we had a crazy thunder storm last night and LIGHTNING STRUCK MY BARN’S LIGHTNING ROD!!! It was crazy! Thunder rolled for a minute and a half (I counted) and the air was sizzling. We’re all fine, thank you so much lightning rod for doing your job! Holy moly though I was watching the storm and happened to be looking in the direction of the barn, if only I had been one of those people who films everything!

  17. Its my 26th birthday on Monday, and for whatever reason, and despite being a generally happy dude, my birthdays have always depressed me. Today I can feel some of the first little inklings of the birthday blues.

    But otherwise, good! Work is busy in the best way. I’m reading Look At Me by Jennifer Egan. Has anyone else read that? I liked A Visit From the Goon Squad so much that I thought I’d try out her other stuff, and I think Look At Me may be even better.

    • Happy early birthday!! I also try to avoid bdays, but because I have terrible luck on them. I’ve spent 4 bdays in the hospital, and I have only been in the hospital 4 times! It’s not like I’m there every other weekend… And NONE of them were party related! Last month I was 30 on the 30th and I was SURE that this was the year I die, and I thought of just spending it indoors reading a book, but instead I wore head to toe leopard print to usher in my cougar years and hit on all the 20 year olds. My point is, get the fuck out there and enjoy your birthday!!

  18. It’s very hot today so I opted to go running at my little ecogym instead of outside because I didn’t want to get sunstroke… and then I learned my little ecogym just got air conditioning! I don’t think I have been there since March or April. I didn’t run as far as I wanted because I am bored with my music, but 3.8 miles isn’t bad. It’s not good, but it’s definitely further than I would have gone outside in 95 degree heat.

    So if anyone has any music to recommend? For running?

    • 3.8 miles is great!

      Have you ever tried listening to audiobooks or podcasts while running? For me they can be distracting enough that the running/working out isn’t so bad.

      • No, I need like Kris Kross or something that used to be featured on MTV’s The Grind in the early ’90s or really any kind of terrible overproduced pop or rap music aimed at idiot teenagers (Monday was the Spice Girls and 1 Direction and Britney). I think I’ve burnt through most of it… which is the problem. Or I’m running so much that I don’t have the built up rage that allows me to at least listen to not-crap, but I haven’t hit the addiction levels that allows me to listen to anything of merit.

    • I like running to really peppy pop music, the dumber and 90ser the better. Livin la Vida Loca is a favorite, Anything by Beyonce works too, also newer stuff. Britney, Christina, Justin, etc.

      • Yeah that’s basically the list for the moment. Literally anything I loathed at the time with a fast beat. I don’t really know what is popular now and don’t listen to the radio enough to learn what to loathe, so I’m stuck in a weird time loop. As I run on an electrical track that never ends…

  19. Ugh. Meeting with a state auditor this morning at work, so I got almost no sleep last night. Then a Canadian tax issue blew up with another client that’s blaming us for things that aren’t our fault. But, on the bright side, I’m having dinner with arguably the preeminent golf course architect on the planet tonight, so that should be fun.

  20. Several factors in the universe conspired to create the perfect storm of junk food: a coworker brought in donuts, we ate Bay Cities’ amazing Godmother sandwiches for lunch, then there was a FREE ice cream social in our office building. I’m bouncing off the walls but this is pretty much the perfect day.

  21. Today was pretty good! There’s a new batch of interns at work and so I commandeered one of them and found out she attends my alma mater so we talked about professors and classes and I gave her tips on how to survive the major and then showed her stuff around the station. I love it when the interns come because I am an insufferable pedant and love to explain things to people.

    Plans for tonight include organizing my dresser and night stand while catching up on Luther and Call the Midwife! Yay!

  22. I feel like I’ve been busy for 3 weeks. I have hardly been around videogum at all! I think last night was the first night I slept more than 6 hours, and work was super-easy today, which was nice — but tonight I will be busy again: In 2 minutes I leave the office to go to a friend’s house where we’re designing a board game that we’re working on for his LLC (ALTHOUGH I am bringing a nice bottle of gin, so it is anyone guess what the ratio of work to gin will be).

    Also I tried to buy Internets for my home today (I only have it at work) and AT& T wanted to charge me $100 for their router, which I decided was dumb, so I am going to sort through my junkmail tonight to find a different provider, or maybe call AT&T customer service to get the router knocked down to $50. I hate dealing with customer service to get reduced prices, but such cheapskatery is my SOP and often pays off.

    I have missed you all. Almost all.

  23. Happy birthday, Ludacris.

  24. I had a pretty good day! The horrible kid I teach was kicked out of school, which is bittersweet because I was starting to finally get through to him but he was endangering the other kids and taking up 95% of my time and energy in class. So. We got SO MUCH done today! We had such a lovely, productive day!! But then my car broke down in the boonies and I didn’t have my phone with me, but the first door I knocked on to borrow a phone to call a tow truck was answered by a mechanic who fixed my car for me! And 2 days ago the horrible kid prank called 911 from my classroom and I called the police station and asked them to send someone down to talk to the class so they could see how serious that is, and they sent a cop and a gigantic (6’5) dreamboat of a paramedic who asked for my number after the class and he called me today and we have a date on Friday!

  25. Mixed bag. It’s super hot here, so an hour ago I wasn’t in air conditioning and I was a mega grump. But now I am in AC and everything is much better. Plus this morning the weatherman said Saturday will be “perfect apple-picking weather,” and while I have no plans to go apple picking, I do like the sound of that weather. I bought two books online today (Gorky Park and specialk’s sheep book), and now I just have to decide if I’m going to watch Inspector Morse or read another book that I got in the mail Monday.
    And I made it a whole day without mentioning One Direction on here, so . . .

  26. So I taught my first class today and it went really well! I managed not to throw up OR swear at anyone in the class! So Yay! Also, I had a meeting with my advisor and she seemed really receptive to my dissertation topic, so that may be squared away too!

    Like Flanny (who I was with), I was in a bar with no air conditioning in the middle of a freak heat wave. It was not fun. I’m in air conditioning now, and I’m much better, thank you for asking.

  27. Saul good.

  28. I just found out I will not be meeting Courtney Stodden after all. :( But it looks like she might be sick of that Doug bloke, so it’s not all bad.

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