• Jim Carrey tweeted this photo of his teeth, the end. -/Film
  • Brad Pitt has “so many ideas” about the sequel to World War Z. “Let’s see those art jerks try to tell me I’m stupid now, with all these ideas I’m having. I can’t even stop having them,” he mumbled to himself. -NextMovie
  • Aaron Paul may be my one true love, but he does not have very good handwriting! Though, he is very sweet, so who even cares about it! I future-married him for a reason!! -Dlisted
  • Speaking of Breaking Bad, I haven’t read this yet because I haven’t had the time and give me a break, but I’m looking forward to it and you should be, too: the New Yorker‘s Bryan Cranston profile! There’s a bit of it online, and then the rest of it in the magazine. As the saying goes, “the best things in life aren’t free.” -NewYorker
  • Remember when there was that rumor that Lindsay Lohan was going to host the first episode of the new season of Saturday Night Live? That was weird! She’s not! Tina Fey is, which is much more appropriate! -Variety
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  1. Oh my god, Brad Pitt’s hair is BEAUTIFUL! Is he using that Macadamia Oil stuff? If not, what is his secret???

    Also, I have seen much worse handwriting in my time. And that’s written on a napkin, which is a notoriously hard thing to write on.

  2. OH MY GOD WHAT A NIGHTMARE THAT TEETH PICTURE IS! I have recurring dreams about my teeth breaking and falling out (in fact I’m pretty sure I had one last night) and it skeeves me out so much that I can’t even watch the Arrested Development episode where Gob breaks his tooth and whistles while he talks.

  3. You know, Jim Carrey, a dentist could fix that tooth no problem.

  4. I have a front tooth that’s broken and had to be filed. It’s less impressive than Carey’s, but he did he earn his in a snowball fight? And did he spit blood into the snow like a total boss?

  5. It’s okay Kelly, my one true love is Liam Payne and man is he dumb. We put up with so much for our imaginary future husbands

    • Wait…does Flanny know?? She’s been pushing Liam on me because she doesn’t feel like he has enough fangirls. I keep telling her I’m involved with someone, but still, she presses!!

      • Oh trust me, we have had many a conversation about our 1D True Loves. I’m going to have to have a talk with her about trying to set my future husband up with someone else though…Also, based solely on your handle, I would think you would be more of a Zayn girl, he’s the one that is the artist. Plus, Liam seriously seems puppy-dog dumb, he would be no help at trivia.

      • No, it’s that I think Liam is so nice! And I want him with a nice lady! And so many of my friends are nice! And I want them with a nice guy! Nice nice nice!!!

  6. So I don’t like to brag (much) but I have tickets to see Bryan Cranston in the new play” All the Way”, as it opens off Broadway (that would be Cambridge, Ma. exactly, but it makes me feel more exotic just to refer to is off Broadway) The play is about LBJ and the theater is really small so I’ll be really close to BC and I am super excited to see this. I had to make up an amazing story to get out of a graduate seminar that night — but it was the only night we could get a good seat. We have ;priorities here. !

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