• If you catch this in time, you can watch the live stream of President Obama’s speech commemorating the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. If you don’t catch it in time, I’m sure you can still watch it someplace. It’s 2013! -Mediaite
  • In other news that is just important, JK: Chris Gethard is on this week’s episode of You Made It Weird. Listen to it in chunks for the rest of the week! (That show is so long all of the time!) -YMIW
  • Comedy Central’s roast of James Franco airs this upcoming weekend. Here’s a clip from of of Sarah Silverman, doing some roasting! #roast -ComedyCentral
  • David Wain put together ten reasons why you cannot miss this week’s episode of Children’s Hospital. Can you guess them? Go ahead and try, but I doubt it! -DavidWain
  • Ethan Hawke says that Boyhood, the film Richard Linklater has been making since 2002, could be released next year. -/Film
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  1. Guys, Jimmy Carter is 88 years old and he looks and sounds great. He will outlive us all.

  2. Holy wow Michelle’s dress.

    Also, I’m so happy the Obamas are in office (even if I don’t agree with everything the administration does), especially on this very important day. Can you imagine if the Romneys had to do this event?? *shudder*

    • Not to harp on the Jimmy Carter thing, but he climbed up those damn stairs all by himself! And quickly. DUDE IS EIGHTY EIGHT YEARS OLD! He was born before the Great Depression! And look that that head of hair! He is a superhero!!! Must be all those peanuts.

    • W didn’t show up I guess?

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