• Over the weekend, Prince unveiled the cover art for his single “Breakfast Can Wait,” which features Dave Chappelle as Prince, holding a tray of pancakes. Not like he needed to, but Prince 4sure figured out how to manipulate the Internet as soon as he tried. -Stereogum
  • Thomas Gibson, of Dharma & Greg and Criminal Minds,  apparently got Catfished, found out, and had his lawyers tell the Catfisher to stop contacting him. But then the Catfisher sent videos Gibson allegedly sent her to TMZ, and now we’re all wathching them. Aw, jeeze. (PS: They are boring.) CATFISH!!!! -Dlisted
  • Bradley Cooper has come on as a producer in the Jay Roach-directed Lance Armstrong biopic, and might also star. -/Film
  • Steve Wozniak reviewed Jobs for Gizmodo. It includes the line, “One friend who is in the movie said he didn’t want to watch fiction so he wasn’t interested in seeing it,” which is funny. “I don’t want to watch fiction.” -Gizmodo
  • Not a lot of people went to see Kick Ass 2! -FilmDrunk
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  1. I O my lyfe 2 U, Prince. U R my everything.

  2. I read a review of Kick Ass 2 that said there was an attempted rape scene gone awry, and so they just mercilessly beat up this young woman. So yeah, no thanks Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

    • I never understood why there was a sequel, since the original made like $36 at the box office.

      • I think it was quite successful here (UK) but then Chloe Moretz seems to have been going out of her way NOT to sell it in every single interview she’s given, so maybe people listened?

      • You can tell when a movie didn’t do to well when it immediately comes out on DVD and is added to the Netflix roster so quickly. #NoStringsAttached

    • I enjoyed the first Kick-Ass, so I would see 2. But I didn’t because I had a friend visiting from out of town who is not really plugged into pop culture. It is beneath him! I found myself explaining HP Lovecraft on Saturday night and it didn’t go ultra-well. Boggles my mind that he’d never even heard the name… WAS HE NOT ONCE TWELVE TO FIFTEEN? JESUS.

      We visited three museums in 36 hours.

  3. In college I used to play co-ed intramural basketball a lot (because I am, if you didn’t know, A BALLER) and I was always in charge of coming up with the team name.

    And I always picked Blouses (because I am, if you didn’t know, A BAAAAAAAALLER.)

  4. that font makes it look more like The Prince is Right

  5. John Legends of the Hidden Temple

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