• “You can explore the TARDIS with this Google Maps Easter egg!” the well-meaning boy said from inside of a locker. -TechCrunch
  • While our #nerdalert is still on, at the Star Trek 2013 Convention in Las Vegas, fans ranked the Star Trek movies from worst to best. Can you guess which one the worst one is and which one the best one is? Can you guess where they ranked Galaxy Quest?! -Uproxx
  • Jeff Lieberman, director of Squirm, reveals what upset him about Mystery Science Theater 3000‘s use of the movie. -BadAssDigest
  • Lindsay Lohan is going to guest star on the upcoming season of Eastbound & Down. OoooOooooooOOOo. Her character is maybe a spoiler, so BEWARE! (And also relax!) -E!
  • GATES: Official Movie Trailer. -OfficialComedy
  • Over at the Huffington Post they put together a chart of the average caloric intake of Gilmore Girl and it seems fine to me, I don’t know what they’re talking about #gilmoregirlsforever. -HuffingtonPost
  • Oh no. Kiernan Shipka, AKA Sally Draper, has signed on to play Cathy, the oldest sister, in Lifetime’s adaptation of Flowers in the Attic. SALLY! NOOOOOO! -Deadline
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  1. That is a great easter egg. They should do the hideout in TMNT 2 when you click on a sewer in NY. And a meth lab in any Winnebago.

  2. Is that what Gilmore Girls actually eat all the time? Because the thing says it’s based on different meals on different days in different episodes. Apparently Huffington Post has never done that thing where you eat a really big breakfast (or brunch!) one day and find you’re not hungry for lunch and then you have a small, healthy dinner. Or other days where you eat a totally normal, healthy breakfast and lunch and then at dinner, you’re like WHOA. Cause, I mean, if my life was a TV show (awesome) and someone took three random breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that were cherry-picked to make me look like I eat a lot, it would not be that hard! But I usually balance pretty well!

    • They ate a lot of cheeseburgers and not so healthy breakfasts at the diner. Typically you didn’t see every meal of every day, but there were times where they would leave Lorelai’s parents’ Friday night dinner*, then go to the diner for more food. They ate tons of food, especially takeout.

      *This list doesn’t show anything that was served at Friday night dinners. No way Emily would serve any of that stuff.

    • The amount of pure junk Lorelei and Rory ate without becoming morbidly obese is an ongoing joke between my mother and I. We used to say they must’ve had a tapeworm. THEY ATE SO MUCH, Y’ALL.

  3. Sally Draper is a fantastic lil’ actress, and can definitely do better than a Lifetime Original Movie That Is Not Even Original. But January Jones would be PERFECT for the mom.

  4. I don’t understand why these nerds hate Star Trek Into Darkness so much. It was good!

    Setting aside the fact that I liked it personally, I understand that people are pissy about JJ Abrams stepping on the Star Trek canon’s toes and that’s where most of the hate actually comes from. But here’s the thing – the canon isn’t actually that good. I’m a long time fan of Star Trek, but I can recognize that at least half of the movies/TV shows in the Star Trek Universe are pretty shite.

    In conclusion – lighten up, nerds!

    • This came out after the first reboot but it’s pretty applicable to both and : http://www.theonion.com/video/trekkies-bash-new-star-trek-film-as-fun-watchable,14333/

    • I know! What’s their problem?! Ranking a movie where they SAVED SOME WHALES or whatever over B.Cumby’s badassery? NOPE.

    • They certainly do. A couple of those TNG movies were definitely worst than Into Darkness.

      Also, I thought Kelly was joking about Galaxy Quest, but I’m glad it’s on the list. It will always be #1 in my heart.

      • It is one of my missions in life to get as many people to watch Galaxy Quest as possible, so their lives might be touched by joy. Needless to say, it’s the only mission that involves saying “Guys, really, Tim Allen doesn’t ruin it!”

    • Not that you are actually looking for understanding, especially if you think the complaints have anything to do with “canon,” but:


      I probably have another half-dozen or dozen reasons to hate the movie to add to this.

    • I know you’re not trying to understand, but they stepped on what is widely considered the best of the movies by a long stretch. It’s not mimicking the bad ones and making them better (I could get on board with that tbh) – it’s taking the one really good one and remaking it in a way that misunderstands a lot of the characters and basically the entire Star Trek universe and its principles, AND, as that iso9 article points out, doesn’t even make a ton of sense. If you liked it, it’s fine (really!!), and The Onion article is really dead-on I can’t deny it, but that is the beef I have.

      • Also, you don’t understand why nerds pick apart something from the subject they like – HAVE YOU MET NERDS!? That is their raison d’être.

      • It doesn’t just misunderstand the ideals of the Star Trek universe, it feels extremely cynical in a “feed them crap, those Trekkies are too dumb and desperate to know better” way. I don’t care if people like it, really, but what I can’t get over is the people who can’t understand why a Star Trek fan would hate it and just dismiss at as angry nerd rage.

        • I mean, that ending?! They seriously went with “Hey, they liked this before and were emotionally invested. What if we just do it again?” Bullshit.

  5. I’m going to watch the hell out of the new Flowers in the Attic. Just don’t tell my mom!!! She won’t let me read VC Andrews or Sweet Valley High!!!

    • In fourth or fifth grade I read every book in the flowers in the attic series (my fav was petals in the wind) and then moved on to the rest of the VC Andrews collection.

  6. Those Gilmore Girls drink a lot of coffee. They are probably pooping out half of their assumed caloric intake before they can even absorb anything.

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