What more do you want? A dog sliding off of a table and falling onto a trampoline? Well, can’t ALL be dog-sliding-off-of-a-table-and-falling-onto-a-trampoline mornings. Don’t pout! Ugh, come on. Just watch Brent Weingard and his scary and beautiful job, and wonder about what his grandmother is like. Good morning! Be safe out there!

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  1. “There are those that wash windows, and those that watch windows. And also those that waffle.” -Hungry Confucius.

  2. You guys remember the GI Joe episode “The Viper is Coming”? Wasn’t it the best? Such a good episode.

  3. So, what IS the difference between a window washer and a window cleaner?

  4. I’m really liking these great little NYT mini-docs. I really loved the subway break-dancing people one. Why can’t more cities focus on the little things that make a city great?! C’mon, Boston. Where’s our mini-doc about drunken faux-Irish on March 18th, hung over and heading to brunch on the T, almost vomiting on me?

    • Trust me, the subway break-dancers are not something that makes New York great. Try getting a group of them on your train on your commute home after a long day and not enough sleep the night before. Something that makes New York great shouldn’t make me want to hurt people.

      • One time just on my 15 minute subway commute from work there was a guy asking for money for his kids, a breakdancer, a guitar playing spanish song-singing guy, and another guy asking for money. The last guy got absolutely nothing and it was totally not his fault but like, can’t they coordinate better?! Four people!

    • Ah, gotcha. Yeah, now for some reason, sympathizing with an online presence, I can see your point. That would be awful.

      Another non-sarcastic idea is street art in a city! SF had this one guy who would spray paint murky koi fish on the pavement all over the city, so that no matter where you are, if you look down, within a block you’ll see this fish! I smiled every time I saw one. This is a prime example of city love.

      • Now that I am fully on board with. Somebody has done something similar in downtown Manhattan, only with ravens. A lot of them are just silhouettes, but some are the word “Evermore” in the shape of a raven, which is pretty great.

        • So I’ve been meaning to ask you about that. Are you sure it is “Evermore” and not “Nevermore,” like the poem “The Raven” by Poe? Maybe “Evermore” is on purpose, but tacking on the silhouette of a raven makes it seem erroneous.

          I still like it. Just sayin’.

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