• In this video, Mike McMaster explains how he made a functioning replica of Wall-E‘s Wall-E. (Spoiler: The answer is NOT “I wished it, put it on my vision board, and one day it appeared beside me.”) -FilmDrunk
  • Dom Irrera, Janeane Garofalo, Todd Barry, Maria Bamford, Michael Ian Black, and Jim Norton all appear on today’s “Live from Austin” episode of Marc Maron’s WTF podcast. -WTF
  • And hey if you like podcasts, maybe you want to see a podcast in person? Not that podcast, but the one! The Comedy Bang Bang one! (I am going to!) -IFC
  • Lindsay Lohan is hosting Chelsea Lately tonight. Are you going to watch it?! (I actually might watch it.) -Dlisted
  • Writer and director Christopher McQuarrie confirmed through Twitter today that he will be involved with the next Mission: Impossible movie. Kind of. He actually could have been talking about anything, but he was probably talking about this! -/Film
  • We aren’t the only ‘Gum celebrating The O.C.‘s 10th anniversary today! Click over for Stereogum’s “Deconstructing: The O.C. And Indie Rock Gentrification.” -Stereogum
  • This article over at Slate, by David Haglund, is titled “Why People Don’t Care About Avatar.” I haven’t read it, but I can tell you why: It looks real dumb! Blue people, or whatever? Come on. -Slate
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  1. I think my favorite thing about that Avatar article is how the author seems to think that it came out so long ago that no one alive has any recollection of its reception at the time. As if we’re all looking at each other saying, ‘What were people in 2009 thinking? The people of the past are a mystery to us now!” Umm, buddy, it came out about thirty seconds ago and everyone thought it was stupid and we all continue to think it’s stupid. Does he not remember making fun of it before it even came out? Because I sure do!
    (Meanwhile, Clash of the Titans continues to be my favorite Sam Worthington 3D vehicle of all time.)

    • To be fair, I don’t have much recollection of my own reception of Avatar because I had an intense hangover when I saw it, but I guess that’s more of a me-thing than a world-thing.

      • I could see that being a good hangover movie, though. Kind of pretty, kind of dumb, you don’t really have to pay attention to it. The best hangover movie I can recall really enjoying in that way was Peter Jackson’s awful remake of King Kong. The worst was Ernest Goes To Camp. Ernest movies seem like they would be ideal for hangover days, but they most certainly are not.

        • It was actually a horrible hangover movie because it was like sensory overload with the 3D and the battles and the zooming around on those bird things (there were bird things, right? I may be thinking of Zelda).

        • I would think Ernest movies are too frantic to make good hangover movies. Also not wise, passing in and out while watching a Twilight Zone marathon. Not only will it not help, it will also make you paranoid.

          • Hangover or not, I would also not recommend passing out while watching Audition. It’s gonna be tough, because it’s REALLY boring for the first half, but you run the risk of waking up to a very different movie. Trust me on this one.

          • When I was having trouble sleeping during this past winter, I was also watching a lot of Inspector Lewis, and when I would wake up to clanging noises in the middle of the night, I would sleepily convince myself that I was in an episode and that Lewis and Hathaway were on their way to come find the source of the noise. But I would also be a little scared because the fact that homicide detectives were coming meant that the source of the noise was connected to a murder in my apartment.

    • Wait, guys. Everyone I talk to seems to think Avatar was great, and I’m always the one saying “Ugh, I hated Avatar.” Am I living in an alternate universe? Am I associating with lame-os? The questions continue… (in my head)

  2. Slate is one of those weird websites where I read sometime a very long time ago and I was like “what is this? just someone’s blog?” because the “article” had no research or any of the other basic tenets of journalism. So I stopped reading it for awhile and then I was like “maybe I was being too hard on Slate” and then I went back and the same thing happened again. So I stopped for awhile again, and then I saw that article about how if you want kids you shouldn’t get a dog (have you guys seen that?) and I was like “Oh yeah! this is why Slate sucks!” But I will say that I don’t care about Avatar and it’s interesting that I think the movie is more a punchline than a “great film”

    tl;dr: I probably won’t read that article but I like the title.

    • I kind of have that with Slate, too. Like, they have really interesting ideas that make you curious, but then you go there and it’s just consistently bad.

      I have the same problem with Quizno’s. That’s a sandwich problem, which is even worse, I think.

    • I use Newser as my news aggregate, and most of the time that I see a sensationalist headline, it comes from a Slate article.

    • It’s always Extremely Inflammatory Headline followed by Stockphoto Image followed by three sentences of opinion and then a whole slew of very annoying comments, many of which are about how shitty the article is. I used to go to it all the time, and one day I was typing it into my address bar and I thought, “Wait, I don’t want to be angry right now.” And then I clicked over to VG and smiled.

    • Dear Prudence is the S tho

    • Totally agree. It almost seems like it’s run by journo-sadists. “Why, yes, I would be interested in reading about why Avatar, a hugely successful film, failed to have any cultural longevity. I can’t wait to find out what you’ve uncovered in this article that promises to be substantial or at least argumentative. Wait…that’s it? You just wrote, “I probably can’t actually write an essay on this. In conclusion, I guess it’s probably just not too good as a movie.”" …. >:(

  3. We aren’t the only ‘Gum celebrating The O.C.‘s 10th anniversary today! Click over for Stereogum’s “Deconstructing: The O.C. And Indie Rock Gentrification.”

    I dunno. That sounds awfully highfalutin to me. Where’s the “The O.C.’s Greatest Fart Jokes”?

    • Can you even gentrify something that has always belonged to people who just went to college and feel the need to prove themselves?

    • Um THE BEASTIE BOYS DEBUTED THEIR SINGLE ON THE O.C. AND FUCKING STEREOGUM DIDN’T EVEN MENTION IT. And when asked why, Mike D or MCA or Ad Rock (I think it was Mike D) said something to the effect of “we’re not being ironic, if you watched the show… you’d get it.”

      That article was bullshit.

  4. I once recorded a podcast and the central theme of said podcast was “Stop, David Haglund. Just. Stop.” Cool story, me.

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