• Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul pulled up to last night’s Breaking Bad premiere in an RV. They have fun. -Gawker
  • GQ interviewed Aubrey Plaza, who seems charming and fun. That sounds sarcastic, but it isn’t! FRIEND ME, AUBREY. -GQ
  • In a NYTimes article about how Game of Thrones writers came to write an episode of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Rob McElhenney spills the beans (relax) about ANOTHER writer of not a comedy that we like who also wants to write an episode! Who is it? Click to find out spoiler alert Matther Wiener! -NYTimes
  • On Cinema: The Wolverine and Blue Jasmine. -AdultSwim
  • Jimmy Fallon and his wife had a baby girl, and he made the announcement during his monologue last night. Did he name it “The Royal Baby” like Penelope Cruz? Click 2 find out! -LateNight
  • It looks like Rosamund Pike is your Gone Girl. I haven’t read that book and I don’t really know who that actress is! Okay, bye! -Dlisted
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  1. Hey Kate!

    I remember you talking about your virus yesterday and someone musing that they wondered if criminals ever actually paid it? Well, one decided to go right to the source and ask:


    • Hahahahahahahahahah!!!! Now I have another theory the the FBI and the DoJ are perpetrating this “virus” as a sting operation!!!

  2. Aw, Rosamund Pike! I like her! She was Jane in the not-as-good-but-still-okay version of Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley! I still haven’t read Gone Girl, but I am going to campaign for it tonight at my book club meeting to make it our next selection! Good choice, y/n?

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