Dear Mom and Dad,

How are you guys? I’m doing great! It’s really great out here in London. My friends are all good, my apartment is nice, I love my job. Plus we have a new Royal Baby now, which you might have heard about! Haha. I’m just playing around, Mom and Dad. Hmm, let me think if I have any good stories to share from work…Oh, I got to interview Bruce Willis recently! It was cool. He was such a pro. You’d think that after a long day of press interviews, even the actors who have been doing this kind of thing for a long time would get kind of tired and bored, but Bruce stayed cool and professional the whole time. He completely seemed to understand that we were both there to do very specific jobs and that neither of us, like, won a fucking contest or something and was doing this just because it was something they enjoyed doing. Or something. If that makes sense? Like, he definitely got the fact that I was there doing my job, to interview him in order for him to promote his movie, and he was there doing his job, to answer questions about his movie. He was great. We became close and I think we might even go out for dinner next time he’s in town. Really cool. He was awesome. Thanks for believing in me throughout my young adulthood and not pushing me to get some sort of boring normal job like Lawyer or Doctor or whatever, some kind of job where I wouldn’t have to interact with Bruce Willis. Thanks a fucking lot.

The guy doing this interview (Jamie Edwards) (your son)

Uh. Okay. Thanks, Bruce! This has been fun! (Though it was a little unprofessional of the journalist when he never asked Bruce even once if he remembered when he was on Friends. Ask about what the people want to hear about!) (Via Celebitchy.)

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  1. Man, if I had to interview Bruce Willis, I’d be as nervous as a Balloon Dog in a Cactus Patch

  2. Thanks for exposing what a jackass Willis truly is. He acted similar to Jimmy Fallon when he was promoting the last “Die Hard” abomination. I guess his publicist or the studio got on him because he was all smiles on there last week promoting this flick.

  3. Bruce Chillis he is not.

  4. Are you sure they aren’t promoting Weeds?

  5. This is a major bummer because somehow I was under the impression that he was a really nice, chill dude. Why did I have this impression? Where did it come from? Is it Ashton Kutcher’s fault (probably)?

  6. Kelly! Gabe! Alert! Alert! I can’t comment on the next post about the PTA-directed Fiona Apple video!

  7. maybe they’re jetlagged?

  8. OK. I’m sorry to be serious but:

    We get that you’re tired. We get that it’s a pain to have to say the same thing over and over. We get that sometimes journalists and TV hosts are morons who haven’t prepared properly. We get that not everyone will treat Red2 like The Seventh Seal. But if you don’t want to do publicity, don’t sign a contract that forces you to do publicity. Either that or do what you’re paid millions of dollars to do, and ACT for a coupla hours.

  9. Haha the jingle at the end is perfect.

  10. Bruce willis saying “watch out for the bees” when giving examples on being nice to people was very good

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