• Bryan Cranston disguised himself in a Heisenberg mask and walked around Comic-Con for a bit. Can you believe it?! All of that possible harassing time, wasted! -/Film
  • Speaking of, Mythbusters is doing a Breaking Bad-themed episode (myths to bust: Can a meth dealer be as sweet as Jesse? Is Jesse real? Will Jesse marry me?), and you can watch the trailer for it here! -WarmingGlow
  • The Robocop remake is going to be PG-13. Aww, you can bring your little brother! It’s going to be so sweet when you guys go to see that movie together. He’ll remember it forever. -FilmDrunk
  • Emily Nussbaum wrote about the how Sex and the City is remembered to be less than it was, and you should read it. It’s good! -NewYorker
  • It looks like a Simpsons/Futurama crossover episode exists somewhere in your future! Don’t have a cow, man! Right? What does Bender say? “I’m Bender”? “I’m Bender, so don’t have a cow, man!” -EW
  • You can now watch the Comic-Con released trailer for Neil deGrasse Tyson’s upcoming series Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. -Fox
  • “Old Magento Wants To Marry Young Magento” is a very good blog title. -Dlisted
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  1. I hope they don’t prove how magnets work; they already did that in the Juggalo-themed episode.

  2. That Sex & the City article really is great. I think the thing that really hurt the show’s reputation was Sex and the City 2: Lawrence of my Labia! (I said that phrase to Artdork about 100 times when we saw Lawrence of Arabia. She loved it, I guarantee!)

    • The first movie was so bad that I walked out of the theater. I loved the series right up until the stupid ending because I think it gave women a terrible, dangerous fairy tale story to believe in. Men don’t change, and men who treat you like shit for years will not suddenly show up to save you. Screw Mr. Big.

      • Don’t even get me started on how much I fucking hate Big.

      • They treated each other (and everybody around them) like shit. I think the whole point of the show is that all of these people were together as friends and lovers because they were all terrible, terrible people who didn’t deserve any better than each other.

        And yet, somehow, through all of the very unlikable characters, there were still none worse than fucking Steve.

      • That ending made me SO MAD. Especially because Miranda, Charlotte, and Sam were all “Yeah, go get her, Big!” Like Samantha and especially Miranda wouldn’t rip Big’s throat out with a meat hook after all the crap he put her through.

      • Sure, it had its flaws, but Sex and the City was a great show.

        I think a lot of people probably only saw the edited down TBS or E! reruns, so they might not really look back on it as anything special. It’s like watching Bad Santa on basic cable. Just doesn’t have the same pizazz.

        I haven’t seen the second SATC movie, but holy moly that first one was terrible! And the catch phrase to one of those movies was “Get Carried Away!” Ugh.

    • I agree that the article was great!

  3. Well, I certainly won’t have a nightmare of that mask floating over me in the dark tonight! No sir.

  4. I love how Ian McKellen is pretty much proposing to or marrying all of the X-Men leads. Ian McKellen, you are the best! We should do lunch. You can bring Michael Fassbender, but only if he sits quietly like a pretty man vase.

  5. So, in actors wearing masks at Comic-Con, Matt Smith also roamed the halls in a Bart Simpson mask. I learned this this morning, so I am sharing it with you all.

  6. Anyone that would even mention SITC in the same breath as any of these great shows that also happen to have strong females in the casts, is completely delusional.

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