This is a photo from Jared Leto’s recent shoot with Terry Richardson for Candy magazine. So is this and this and this. AND THIS! Ahhhhhh! Keep YOUR shirt on, Terry, my goodness! You aren’t the star of this show, Jared Leto is the star of this show! And his star is shining so bright! And this show is so scary and makes me feel nervous and forces one to think about what it would be like to hang out with both Terry Richardson and Jared Leto at the same time in the same, I can only imagine, tiny, brightly-lit white room with no windows and suspicious garbage on the floor, which is WORST OF ALL! Of course, Jared Leto appears in drag in this Terry Richardson photo shoot because he plays a transsexual in the upcoming movie The Dallas Buyers Club, which I guess makes enough sense. Is it necessary? I don’t know. YOU TELL ME! Who can say what is and is not necessary in this nightmare world, but it certainly isn’t nonsensical, and Jared Leto certainly isn’t bad at doing photo shoots in drag. Does he look like Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel like some are claiming? Uhhhhh. You tell me again. He certainly has bangs and eyes!  I guess I’ll I’m trying to say is that Jared Leto did a photo shoot with Terry Richardson for  Candy magazine and I want you to be just as aware of it as I am, because if we are not in this together then I don’t know what I’ll do. Deal with it alone?! Yeah right. So now that we’re both in this ship, would you care to tell me how your day was? What did you eat for lunch? Are you doing anything fun tonight? Was waking up this morning difficult or easy? Did you hear about anything historic happening or anything like that, or no? TELL MEEEEEEEE. (Via TerrysDiary.)

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  1. I was doing great until SOMEBODY reminded my that Terry Richardson has not yet been shot into the moon :(

  2. It was pretty great. SCOTUS did mostly good stuff to get the morning off to a good start. I worked from home. I rode my bike in the afternoon, which was maybe not the greatest idea because it was a lot hotter than I realized. Good day!

  3. My day was alright. Moslty noring, but things are progressing with Cute Work Guy (I took the initiative and messaged him on Facebook! I am a strong, modern woman!) (I was so nervous about it I hand-wrote a few drafts of the message beforehand so I wouldn’t screw it up.) (LOL??) but we are still in a very awkward will-they/won’t-they place, which is probably frustrating for the imaginary viewers of the sitcom of my life.

    Also I ate pistachio cheesecake!

  4. You know, normally I’d be vomming at the mere mention of Terry Richardson, but I’m still just so glad about the DOMA/Prop 8 smackdown that I don’t even feel nauseous.

  5. I had a major project that was due this morning, that I didn’t get done before because I had family in town, and when I tried to upload it it wouldn’t work because Powerpoint is stupid, so I spent HOURS doing that, just all morning, and I was almost late for work because of it. But I got it done! And I got my family out of town! And I’m getting free pizza for dinner! So all is okay in the world.

    Oh, and people on Facebook just WILL NOT shut up about the Supreme Court. The good vibes from this decision are totes wrecked by people displaying their ignorance regarding judicial proceedings and whatnot. My favorite was someone saying how proud she was of the Supreme Court and that “I hope everyone remembers this at the voting booth next year.” WHAT ARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT?!

  6. After work I’m going to go drink beer from a new Chicago brewery, Off Color Brewing. It will be tasty. I haven’t slept well in 3 days. I’m weirdly on edge about everything I say at work because of my review last week. My boss is on vacation so at least I don’t have to deal with her. I am 2/3 happy about SCOTUS, that last third being the VRA. I don’t really have any plans to look forward to this weekend. I’m probably dyeing part of my hair purple.

    • I went purple for a while. It’s fun, but it’s a lot of upkeep, fyi.

      • yeah, I’ve done pink, blue, and green before. As long as I get a purple that’s more red than blue it should fade ok. Blue fades to grey. I’m just doing the underside of my hair, so it’ll peek through. Can’t bleach all my hair again, it destroys it.

  7. Good things about today: Wendy Davis’ filibuster was successful, DOMA shot down, Tom and Lorenzo posted their “Mad Style” for the Mad Men finale and it was of course great.
    Bad things about today: My money situation has gotten pretty bleak, and I have to try to get a second tutoring job or something to even it out. Particularly frustrating because I just lost kind of a lot of weight and a bunch of my clothes don’t fit right anymore, but I have to tough it out with them awhile longer. I want my teen romance dorky-girl makeover montage though, damnit!

    • Tom and Lorenzo getting engaged on Twitter this morning was the best. Never would I have thought I could get behind a Twitter proposal, but it was perfect.

    • I can’t really say I’m happy about that filibuster. Not based on the content of the bill, mind you, but just the whole act of filibustering seems very shady and undemocratic. I mean, forcing a bill to die because you talked for a really long time just sort of seems childish, and not at all reflective of the voice of the people.

      • I think secret filibusters are asinine, but she had to stay on topic the entire time and couldn’t sit or lean. Also, this bill was slipped into the agenda two weeks ago during a special session when only a majority was needed instead of a 2/3 majority. Shady as shit. Filibusters are in place as a check/balance of shady shit. They suck and seem terrible, but they are the best way for the minority to speak.

        • Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say that any of the other shady shit going down in Texas is okay, either. But if we’re fighting underhanded tactics with underhanded tactics, we’ve got a bigger issue than just this one bill.

          • Psst. I upvoted you because you are fighting your side amicably and respectfully. That’s what democracy is about. The “Hidden due to low comment rating” seems inappropriate here as you aren’t throwing around slurs or showing naked pictures of people. But I guess a rating of -5 or lower gets you into this realm, and that’s the VG system… I feel like this is a metaphor for something.

  8. Today I’m fighting the onset of a cold (don’t worry, I washed this comment).

    Last night my boyfriend and I watched The Fast & The Furious so that I could better understand my bf’s celebrity crush on Vin Diesel. That movie was pretty silly (including some super dated 2001-isms), and everyone is so greasy and sweaty-looking in that movie. So regarding greasy face levels, it accurately reflects life in Los Angeles. Now to watch the other five movies.

    Oh, and Vin Diesel is very attractive in that movie. And compared to Paul Walker, he’s practically Marlon Brando. Do you like Paul Newman, but wish he had zero sex appeal and acting ability? Try Paul Walker!

  9. Some friends invited me to get Ethiopian food with them tonight.

    But I have a very very sensitive stomach, and kind of get weirded out by eating with my hands, and it’s in a part of town that’s awkward for me to get to. But I haven’t seen them in forever, and I skipped out last time they tried to plan something with me, so I have to go.

    Basically I am being a big baby today.

  10. Not bad. The last two days at work were pretty damn shitty, so I will take “not bad.” However, I did find out mid-day that One Direction was in Boston and then I missed signing into a conference call at 3 because I was too busy trying to figure out what hotel they’re staying at. Whoops! (It’s the Ritz.)
    Sadly, I will not be able to make a big fool of myself around a boy band, because I am going to a book club meeting tonight to talk about a book about North Korea. Eeek, you guys, North Korea is pretty awful! Yikes.

  11. My gut this morning was to be all, “Woohoooo California!” but then I remembered that the voters of California are today’s losers. I hope they no longer feel that way, though – the tide has changed since 2008.

    My day has been pretty good. I’ve been working in an office for the last few weeks. Came in for a week-long job and it kind of turned into a longer thing, which is great because I was looking for a gig for like four months. It’s been about a year since I was last working in an office, and I stayed off Videogum for the first two weeks. Then when I found out I’ll be here through July, I said, fuck it I miss my internet family. Hopefully one month is still too short for it to be worth firing me.

  12. I brought booze and smokes and food to my friend who sprained her ankle even though she did it AT A JIMMY BUFFET CONCERT. I’m just that good of a friend. Honestly, I feel like I should be knighted or something. ;)

  13. So our super team is pretty much killing it at trivia as of late, so that’s super cool. And I bought tickets to see Portugal. The Man in September, so things are going a-ok!

    But my mom is coming into town next week for the holiday and I’m already freaking out about the apartment, what we’re going to do while she’s here, etc. Ugh. Moms.

  14. so i’ve been trying to get back into drawing more, and i took gobblegirl’s advice from a million HWEDT threads ago and started sketching food (gobblegirl’s advice was just to draw food, right? no way to know for sure. the technology just isn’t there), which led to an informal series titled “father time draws food almost exclusively on an empty stomach for some reason.” here’s a bunch of cheeseburgers!

  15. I’ve eaten a sandwich for every meal and no ones made me want to cut them yet, so 100% great day. I spoke to soon my boss was just annoying, well only an hour left of work left. I go on vacation in 16 days but whose counting?

  16. My co-worker told me our admin system can’t upload photos the way I want it to, so I said “Okay, I’ll just deal with it dot gif.” And he said, “No we can’t upload gifs, either.” So then I had to explain the whole meme to him and, long story short, now he can’t stop looking at “deal with it” gifs.

  17. There’s dozens of books I’ve been meaning to read for 10-20 years, and finally over the weekend I started one of them, “Something Wicked This Way Comes” by Ray Bradbury. And boy o boy, I am reading it very fast!

    But only because I want to get it over with. It’s awful! There’s almost nothing good about it. There are 3-4 creepy, atmospheric, but still generally ridiculous scenes, which I could see becoming part of a mediocre Tim Burton movie — it’s even obvious who Helena Bonham Carter would play — but oof. This book. Here’s how he describes a barber shop pole: an “ending-but-unending candy serpentine.” A mirror is “a cold sheet of December ice.” And the whole book is like that. It’s exhausting. And repetitive! He describes the barber pole maybe four times.

    I like other Bradbury books for sure but this one is like wearing a bucket on your head while he beats it with a spoon.

    • I REALLY liked Bradbury as a kid. Honestly, I’m afraid to revisit his work; I’d rather let it stay good in my brain.

      • I would have thought Something Wicked was sheer genius if I read it at 12-15.

        Fahrenheit 451 is revisitable I think. You know he predicts reality TV in that one? There’s a show that is just cameras set up in the house of a squabbling extended family and it’s all some people can talk about.

  18. My day started off with a pretty crappy morning. It was the culmination of a shitty work assignment, bad weather, and having what I thought were a new job and potential relationship vanish before my eyes. On top of that, I watched the Mad Men season finale, and boy was I in the wrong state of mind for it. But as the day progressed, I realized that my assignment wasn’t as shitty as I thought it was going to be, and that I will let those other things go and keep on fighting until I achieve what I want.

    On a lighter note, I checked out a new burrito place near my apartment, and it is great. Great burritos are always great.

  19. Basically I’m doing that thing where you don’t unpack your suitcase, but instead basically use it as a temporary extra closet that lives on your floor for like a week.

  20. my day was pretty good, thanks for asking! I had a big meeting and I had a bunch of other stuff go pretty well except I was in pain all day because I went to a yoga class yesterday that made me sore! Now I have a beer and dinner and my pets are hanging out around me and they’re super cute. Also I hung out with some cool people last night so that was fun!

  21. Today’s good, thanks. NYC has progressed temperature-wise from Hell to Hell adjacent. On my commute home, I finished Interview with the Vampire which was not as interesting and waaaay more existential than I thought it would be. I had a cookie with my lunch, and got a compliment from my professor that has a
    reputation to be very controlling/annoying/rigorous. I just finished painting my toenails in Teal We Meet Again, because I was in a good mood (I rarely paint my toes). One of my new neighbors rang my doorbell to bother me about something, but then another neighbor (one I like) came so now I’m ok.

  22. Just saw a guy driving a BMW with a Nobama, a Yankees, a Calvin peeing on the Ford logo, and a Limp Bizket sticker. Just FYI, in case you were looking for the worst person in the world.

    • At least he (presumably) knows how to spell Limp Bizkit.

    • Where you been, I miss you C.T.

      • I couldn’t log on for a while. Apparently Chrome was messing up my login to VG for some reason. I had to delete my cookies out and everything. It was weird I could read VG but could not comment.It was like that movie, The Muppets’ Christmas Carol.

      • I read your tweet about couples sharing email addresses earlier and it reminded me of something. I used to live in the building of this rich kid. He used to have this record label where, My guess is, he would just put anyone willing to sing in front of a studio. I remember looking at their website on time and it was just bad awful art. This was during the time when Myspace was king and everyone was either a model, photographer or musician. Anyways, one of the song was this guy strumming a guitar with a chorus that went something like “Looook at the gettho, loook at the gethooo. All the people saaaad. Why are they sad? Does it make you saaaaad” And he had like a team of 12 people working on the label but everyone shared the same email address.

        • I used to have to format and send official message traffic over secure lines when I was in the Navy, and the worst part of my job was when we got temporary groups on board that didn’t have any idea what they were doing. I had one guy who thought that it was fine to put his Hotmail address as the contact on a classified message. It was not.

        • I miss you on Twitter, too! Was the rich kid paying the 12 people or was it like a work for free in exchange for exposure deal?

          My boss still uses AOL and every time his computer announces “Goodbye!” I make dial-up modem noises. Some of the younger people in the office have no idea what that is.

  23. My day was not super great Kelly but thank you for asking. I found out the job I had applied/interviewed for decided to hire an unpaid intern instead of me. Then I had a minor freak out about money and not being able to afford to live for the next couple of weeks and then a lady threw up next to me on the train home. But then I ate tacos.

  24. On our way to see that dumb zombie movie, I noticed a new place opening near my house called “Sweets and Treats Cafe” !!!!!!!! :D

    You know where to find me.

  25. I gardened and weeded until my hands were dirty in ways that I used to assume only existed in Steinbeck novels. Then I watched Magic Mike. My eyes now itch, which I am quite sure is related to garden allergies… But, then again, one is not allowed solace when working with the earth to till and plant and watch their hands become stained with symbolism and allegories. (JK, it’s some weird red pollen.)

  26. Eh, my day had ups and downs. I’ve been pretty homesick lately, which is dumb because I’m actually going home to visit my family next week. So really I should be happy that I get to see everyone and hang out in 100 degree weather again. So to top off my homesickness, I turned on the tv this morning to watch 2 week old episodes of the Ellen Show, as I do every morning. But instead of Ellen, it was this reality show/documentary made about 10 years ago about the place I used to work at. Seeing people with fulfilling jobs in my adopted hometown is not what I needed this morning. But then I got my new favorite panini for lunch today, brie, bacon (american bacon) and caramelized onions. So really it’s not too bad.

  27. Guys, my day is like all my other days for the last few weeks, work, work work. And it’s not going to stop. But one thing has been a bright ray of sunshine in my life: RuPaul’s Drag Race. Shante, you stay. You guys were so right about this show!
    I luuuuuuuurve Jinkx. Her Little Edie was to die for. All T, no shade. I just want to hug her and hang out with her and watch old movies and drink tea with her.
    As usual, I’m the only one here (Singapore) who watches this show. The gay next to me doesn’t even know about this show. I can’t even annoy anyone with the fabulous new lingo I’ve learnt.

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