• While promoting White House Down, Channing Tatum and Joey King demonstrated their 45-second secret handshake and it is very cute and intense. Also Channing Tatum says that one of his biggest challenges was learning how to play both a dad and a homie to his little girl, which DOES sound like quite the challenge. -Hypervocal
  • Though Will Smith will not, Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman will be back for Independence Day 2. -/Film
  • I’m not sure why this Step Brothers blooper reel is making rounds on the internet in June 2013 but I also know that you shouldn’t ask questions about a Step Brothers blooper reel when one is handed to you. -FilmDrunk
  • Happy Birthday, Nick Offerman. -Dlisted
  • This was going around a bit yesterday but I saw it again today and I still found it to be quite charming, so here we are: The Exploding Actresses tumblr. -ExplodingActresses


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  1. I don’t even like Channing Tatum, but that handshake certainly brightened my day! Quick, someone come to my office and let’s practice it!!!

  2. I was going to share that Exploding Actresses tumblr on Facebook, but that thumbnail creeps me out.

  3. Everyone go get gay married today – you can now!

  4. It’s also Paul Thomas Anderson’s birthday! (Apologies again for my school girl PTA crush. But just look at his eyes, you guys, they’re so blue.)

  5. I unironically adore Channing Tatum and have lots of sex dreams about him, and by sex dreams I mean dreams where he and I sit around and talk about how wildly attractive each of us finds the other, and that it’d be rad to bone, but we love our respective spouses too much.

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