• In order to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Jurassic Park (which is today!) a few artists have put together an online art gallery titled DINO-DNA: A Tribute to Jurassic Park. -/Film
  • Bob Odenkirk is Paul F. Tompkin’s guest on the most recent episode of Speakeasy. I’m watching it right now, it’s a delight. -Speakeasy
  • 50 Shades of Grey adaptor Kelly Marcel is going to be writing another adaptation of a girl who something something something a man! The Little Mermaid! -/Film
  • In terms of dance off Internet videos, there are few things better than a dance off in which a child performs especially well. And if the child is dressed like a cowboy for some reason? Gimme a break! This is one of those. -Hypervocal
  • Here is a supercut of the 100 greatest movie compliments  “Oh like popcorn, soda, that kind of stuff?” No! Not that kind of “complements”! The compliments kind of compliments! Ahahahahaaaa -FilmDrunk
  • Speaking of Michael Cera in Magic Magic, NextMovie has put together a list of their nine favorite “against type” roles actors have portrayed.  -NextMovie
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  1. Oh man, Collateral was such a great movie. Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx BOTH played against their type, really.

    • I actually kinda didn’t like that movie at all. I couldn’t get past the major plot hole of a high level contract killer taking a cab to a murder. That just does not happen.

      • Fair enough. I can usually ignore plot points, as long as the core idea of the movie is not based on something that is just not even correct (I’m looking at you, Double Jeopardy and also Labor Pains!)

        • (And I’m looking at you The Purge)

          • I’m even okay with The Purge. As dumb as that premise is, it’s still more within the realm of possibility than either of the movies I mentioned, which can only happen with a very thorough inability to even understand how the law works.

    • I was on a giant cinematography kick when Collateral came out. It was one of the highest profile films at the time to be shot on digital, and Mann was touting the fuck out of the format. I think he stated before it came out that he would never go back to celluloid. I showed up early to snag a perfect seat, cautiously optimistic.

      It seems petty now, but I couldn’t stop marveling at the level of detail in the night scenes. People don’t credit him enough for that film. It just, I dunno, helped change how film was made. I haven’t seen it in years, but I remember even being enticed by the graininess in some scenes. It felt immediate and urgent.

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  2. I thought that said speaking of Michael Cera in Magic Mike and was so upset and confused.

  3. So half your attention is focused on Speakeasy and half of it is focused on your job? Touché, Kelly. Touché.

    Needless to say, I’ve done zero work today.

  4. Man, this is a great list of afternoon links! Especially like the 9 best off-type roles because of the Jim Carrey part because The Truman Show and Eternal Sunshine are two of my favorite movies!
    Also today is the 20th anniversary of Jurassic Park??? We should celebrate!!!

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