• Want to see a picture of Evangeline Lilly as The Hobbit‘s new character, Tauriel? Trick question, you don’t have a choice! -/Film
  • Wait, is this Samuel L. Jackson reddit monologue reading contest for charity never going to end? Maybe! Here he is today, reading Walt’s “I am the one who knocks” monologue from Breaking Bad. (Also here’s an idea: “I am the one who socks.” – Mom to her kid while she folds socks, kid is like “uggggh mooooom.”)  -Uproxx
  • George R.R. Martin appeared on Conan last night and reacted to viewers’ reactions to the Red Wedding. -TeamCoco
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt is both pregnant AND engaged. Good for you, Jennifer Love Hewitt! We’ve never met, but it’s nice to know that you’re probably happy! I bet your home is very tastefully decorated! -Dlisted
  • On last night’s Late Night, Jimmy Fallon debuted a video of Brian Williams rapping “Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang.” Want to watch? -Hypervocal
  • Dave Hill Becomes A Master In Actor’s Movement. -DaveHill
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  1. “I am the one who is tired of these mother-f**king snakes on this mother-f**king plane!”

  2. Huh, I would have guessed that pic was just so-so Zelda cosplay

    • Are you suggesting that hair might be a wig? But it looks so real!!

      • Almost everything about it looks off to me. Besides the hair/outfit looking out of place for a billion dollar franchise, it just looks wrong. I think it’s the shadows in the background not matching the shadows on her that is messing with my eyes.

        • Oh gosh, you’re right! Now I can’t look at it!

        • Yeah, I think it’s just really badly photoshopped. Hopefully she’ll look much better in the actual film. Hopefully.

          • I’m sure it will look great in the film. I’m just a little surprised by this because Peter Jackson* doesn’t seem like he would release set photos (or whatever this would be called) that look so bad.

            *When writing this I almost accidentally wrote G.R.R Martin instead of PJ, which made me wonder what Game of Thrones would look like if PJ directed it. I think the finale of season 3 would be King Robert arriving at Winterfell.

    • Yup, it looks like Link and Malon had a baby (nerd alert):

      Also, don’t ever Google image search “Link and Malon” unless you want to see disturbing fan art that can never be unseen.

  3. OK, so I’m totally pro-lady elves, pro-red-haired lady elves, and even pro-Evangeline Lilly, even though she wasn’t always great on Lost. But I’m questioning the choice to make this particular Evangeline Lilly-played lady elf a redhead. Maybe it’ll look better onscreen, but that shade isn’t doing her any favors.

    I’m always sort of baffled by bad wig choices, because, you know, they could pick any wig! Making the actor’s hair look however you want it to is the whole point of a wig! Is that REALLY the one that looked the best? (This is what I was thinking throughout all of season one of Game of Thrones as well, but I’m sure they had the type of budget restrictions that Peter Jackson and Co. probably don’t.)

  4. Are they really trying to imply to me that Legolas and this lady elf have a thing? I’m totally excited for another lady elf character, don’t get me wrong, but I have some news for PJ and crew that is the epilogue of the Lord of the Rings trilogy where Legolas and Gimli literally ride off into the sunset together.

  5. You know what would be great? A fantasy epic based on something non-Western, like Journey to the West or the Mahabharata.

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