• Thirteen, New York City’s local PBS station, has been advertising throughout the city with ads for fake reality television shows, and it is a p. good campaign if you ask me. Love you, Thirteen! -EW
  • Here is a supercut of Will Smith making weird noises. What? You’re the one who logged on to the Internet, I don’t know what you want me to tell you. -BlameItOn
  • The twelve steps of experiencing The Hangover III. -Grantland
  • Blue is the Warmest Color won the Palme d’Or at Cannes. A theatrical release date hasn’t been announced, but you can read about the film and watch a few clips over at Slate. (And other places to, I imagine.) (But this is the place I saw.) (RELAX!) -Slate
  • Want to watch the new Man of Steel trailer recreated with Minecraft as Mine of Steel? Why? Well, whatever, follow your bliss! -FilmDrunk
  • MORE BREAKING HAIR NEWS: Anne Hathaway is back to brunette. -Dlisted
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  1. Obviously Anne Hathaway can do whatever she wants with her hair because it’s her head, etc., but I really liked her blonde. Oh well. I guess I’ll have to go back to blonde stalking Michelle Williams.

  2. The upside of that PBS ad campaign:

    It makes cynical assholes look stupid but also gets the point across. My roommate posted the “Married to a Mime” one on Facebook and was like “AMERICA IS GOING DOWN THE TOILET” and got on his high horse about how reality TV is destroying us all. He didn’t take the time to read the sign explaining it wasn’t real, and the ads are super convincing.

    The down side is:

    I’d watch all those shows and I am sad they aren’t real.

  3. This is worse news than when I found out the “Tiny House” previews were really a Geico commercial! “There love was built to last, but their house was built TOO SMALL!”

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