• What a treat, a promo poster for Wheels Ontario: Season Two. -JonDaly
  • Scandal‘s John Barrowman has been named host of ABC’s upcoming singing competition reality series Sing Your Face Off, which will also feature judges Darrell Hammond and Debbie Gibson. And all of the contestants are also kind of celebrities? Very good show with a very graspable concept. -EW
  • Michael Cera talked to the AV Club about working in the writer’s room on the new season of Arrested Development and the evolution of George Michael Bluth. -AVClub
  • The producers of Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac have discussed how they’re going to use digital effects (+people having sex) to make it appear that the actors are actually having sex. 2013, y’all! -/Film
  • Star Trek Into Darkness writer Damon Lindelof  sent out a series of tweets yesterday apologizing for Alice Eve’s underpants scene. -NextMovie
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  1. Huh. You know, I’m a pretty standard humorless feminist when it comes to misogyny and the overt sexualization of women in the media, but it literally never occurred to me that the Alice Eve underwear scene would cause a kerfuffle. Which makes me sad, because it was a pointless scene that was pretty much only added for t&a. So good. Apologize! It was a pointless scene that added nothing!

    Also, the Chris Pine shirtless scenes are a pretty tame tit for tat excuse. If you’re gonna play that, next time have Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto wander around for a scene wearing nothing but thongs, and make sure they are oiled up! AND NEVER GIVE AN EXPLANATION. They just roll that way.

    • The thing with the double standard for nudity in movies (aside from the fact that it’s gross and annoying) is, do filmmakers really not understand how many more movies I’d bother to go see if there were hot naked dudes wandering around for now reason? So many. So many more movies.

      • I’ve always wanted to make a movie that has a regular plot, but none of the extras or background characters are dudes over 40ish, and none of them are unattractive, and in group scenes they rarely have speaking parts, and when named male characters are together they only talk about women (not necessarily sexy talk, but, you know, they have no character or role that isn’t defined by their relationship to a woman). Also, they wear the dudely equivalent of the star trek movie lady uniform (short kilts and tank tops? It’s still being hammered out, guys!).

        I’m just not sure people would pick up on the not even well managed or subtle satire.

    • I think people were prepped for it to be a kerfuffle because it was also just randomly tossed into pretty much all the trailers.

      All of this of course confirming my plan to get drunk, high, buy a ticket for a different movie, and go see this film that I will probably rage against…but as we say, “Star Trek is family,” so you just gotta spend time with family sometimes.

    • It was kind of out of left field, but so relatively tame compared to the blatant T&A in most movies that I’m surprised it’s caused a scandal of sorts.

      I thought it was just a silly “Kirk can’t look away because he’s a horndog!” gag, but apparently the character ends up having kids with him in the Star Trek canon so there’s more justification of giving them some fleeting sexual tension.

      • I don’t think it’s out of left field. I mean, in the trailers, the shot is framed with the same angles, camera motions, and pose that “heroic” shots of men have…but the theme is “Hey, fanboys, t+a!” I think underlying this is that Star Trek is supposed to be better-than. It hasn’t always been, but the ideal of Star Trek is rising above, being better humans, and this cynical, bullshit pandering and misogyny is part of the problem with the new version.

        • Yes. And it’s embarrassing that they think that kind of thing is still necessary to sell tickets instead of just being awkward and gross. Like, zillions of people are still going to see your huge blockbuster franchise movie, guys, relax. It shows that Hollywood still thinks of “nerds” (people who like fun space action movies) as a bunch of horny 14-year-old boys.

      • Though if you look at the goofy dude they ended up having together, maybe it would’ve been better if Kirk hadn’t looked!

        • Sure, maybe, but Kirk slumping out of his chair, crumbling on the deck, muttering “Klingon bastard, you killed my son” is a phenomonal scene and totally deepens the effect of his actions around the Khitomer Accords.

          • Okay, one demerit point for me. Kirk doesn’t slump out of his chair, he stumbles backwards, attempts to sit in the chair, and mostly misses.

      • Also, the fact that it is tame and that there is a hubbub over it, and that it was apologized for is awesome, because man, if people can start changing even on the lesser problematics in film and such, then maybe we have some progress?

    • As soon as she told Kirk to turn around I let out an involuntary “uuuuggghhh”, and then the guys behind me kicked my seat because that is legitimately annoying when you are trying to watch a movie, but I couldn’t help it! It just came out! (twhs) For real though, there was nowhere else she could get changed? She couldn’t ask him to step outside for 2 seconds? And when he peeks, she doesn’t throw her discarded clothes over herself and yell “GET THE FUCK OUT, I TOLD YOU NOT TO TURN AROUND AND YOU HAVE BREACHED MY TRUST” like any normal person would have? It’s definitely very “this girl is a big tease who is trying to seduce Kirk” and even knowing who the character is in the greater Star Trek universe, I was waiting for her to turn out to be evil and working for the baddies because it makes her seem sort of devious.

      • And so many of the reviews I read were like, “Oh, sexual tension with Carol and Kirk” and I got infuriated. Being a peeping Tom =\= sexual tension.

        • There was no tension! There was nothing because Carol was kind of a drip. They really did not do much with her character.

        • I think calling him a peeping tom isn’t really fair, she chose to change right next to him after only vaguely telling him to “turn around,” it’s not like he actively looked through her window or something. I think she was supposed to have some agency in the matter.

          • If she was supposed to have some agency in this, then Lindelof wouldn’t be apologising now. I get sexy times swinging Kirk as a character, and thought the scene where he woke up in bed with two sexy ladies with tails was a good way to reflect that side of him. But making him peep at a subordinate officer who has explicitly asked him not to? That’s just creepy.

          • Okay, so how about a leering Bill?

  2. They really buried the most interesting part of Underpants-Gate in that Star Trek article. Quote from Alice Eve: “Benedict [Cumberbatch] did a shower scene that wasn’t in the movie.” This is obviously a ploy to drive DVD sales on promise of deleted scenes.

  3. Wait a second. Her name is Carol? My name is Carol! And never in all of my decades on this earth has there been a hot, sexy Carol (besides Claudia Schiffer in Love Actually, but she was also a non-threatening mom). I’m sorry, my fellow women, but I’m going to have to score this as a win for Carols everywhere, who heretofore had no one but Horatio Sanz as a reference point in pop culture.

  4. “Andy Serkis will play everyone’s penis.” -Lars Von Trier

  5. It’s like in Game of Thrones where all the good-looking men are not nearly naked enough.

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