• What do you think of Anne Hathaway’s new hairstyle?! WOULD YOU HIT IT? (HER HAIR?) I like it fine. My great grandmother once told me, “Every girl should be blonde at least once.” Hahah. That’s true, she did. Soooooooo. -Dlisted
  • Back in April, Edgar Wright teased that he had directed one shot in a summer film this year that wasn’t his own. But which movie was it?! Click 2 find out! -/Film
  • In this video, two 8-year-old twin girls interview Craig Robinson and David Alan Grier. It is very cute, doy. -NextMovie
  • Yesterday we heard that Amy Poehler and Tina Fey would be seen in the upcoming Anchorman 2, and today we have ANOTHER RUMOR ABOUT IT! Click 2 see who else might be in there, if u want 2 4 whatever reas0n! -FilmDrunk
  • Aaron Paul talked to Vulture about saying “bitch” so much in the filming of Breaking Bad. He’s the best. -Vulture
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  1. Speaking of all of this, can anybody tell me a good font to use for creating a form? It’s informal, will not be seen by anybody higher up than me, but I want to give it a little flair, while still keeping it professional. We GOTTA have some fontheads out there who can help me with this.

  2. I really like Anne’s new look! What I like even more is that the MN House passed the same-sex marriage bill! It goes to the Senate on Monday! Keep your fingers crossed! Unless you’re a jerk, in which case go ahead, be a jerk. Jerk.

    • What if I’m not a jerk, but I’m not gonna keep my fingers crossed, cause I got shit to do and I’m gonna need those fingers?

      P.S. You would like any haircut by anybody anywhere that makes them look more like Tilda.

    • ugh, IL’s bill has been in limbo for months. It passed in committee on Valentine’s but they’re worried it won’t pass, because even with a Democratic majority a lot of Dems are voting based on their constituents religious beliefs. Sadface.

  3. 1) I like Anne Hathaway’s hair.
    2) Kelly, the Edgar Wright /Film link isn’t working and I didn’t know I wanted to find out the answer so badly, but apparently I do! I think I just want to know because I can’t!
    3) My friend met Aaron Paul at a Jamba Juice in San Francisco. She said he was super nice and took a photo with her.

  4. Huh. I never heard that particular great-grandmother saying. My favorite quote of hers is a comment on being poor and married: “When the wolf is at the door, love flies out the window.”

    Also, “It’s just as easy to love a rich man as a poor man.”

    Somewhat jaded wisdom from one who survived (with 5 kids) through the Great Depression.

    • Hey! My grandma (the one not previously mentioned) told me the same thing re: loving a rich man vs. loving a poor man. Funnily, that was just after I’d started seriously dating the man I’d marry 8 years later despite the fact that he is not particularly rolling in it.

  5. I like the blonde. I have pretty similar coloring to Anne, and I’ve always thought that I’d look terrible as a blonde but possibly nice as a redhead, but then I tried one of those online makeover things where you can upload a photo and give yourself different hairstyles, and I looked good as a blonde and TERRIBLE as a redhead.

    Needless to say, my world was turned upside down and life has never been the same.

    • A friend of mine said I look friendlier as a brunette than a blonde. I don’t know what to do with that information, but there you go.

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