• Game of Thrones engagement photo shoots are currently A THING, it seems. What is your GOT engagement photo shoot going to look like? My fiancee with be dressed like whatever, who cares & I’m going to be a dragon. -io9
  • Slacktory put together a supercut of things Mr. Weir said in Freaks and Geeks. It’s enjoyable! Not everything has to be super specific, relaaaaxxxxx! -Slacktory
  • Sony Pictures Television wants you to help save Community. You would think that if the Internet could save Community it wouldn’t be in need of saving, but we’ll see! -Uproxx
  • Two supercuts in one list of links?! Yes! Here’s a supercut of Leonardo DiCaprio yelling! “MYYY NAAAAME ISSS LEEOONAAAARDOOOOOOO.” -NextMovie
  • Riff Raff made his One Life to Live debut as “James Franko,” and the character is nothing like James Franco and everything like Riff Raff! Click 2 watch! -Stereogum
  • Would you have like Iron Man 3 more with a Pepper Potts sex tape? WOULD YOU HAVE? -FilmDrunk
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  1. Only 30 working days until afternoon-links-500/news/. Are we doing any brainstorming to celebrate yet? 500 links that day? 5000?

  2. hahahaha “dad, are any of your friends alive?”
    “the smart ones”
    Forgot how much I missed Mr. Weir.

  3. My Game of Thrones engagement photo would be me and my fiance (Jude Law) in matching Amazing Race shirts because that’s what we watch together on Sundays instead.

    No downvotes = flanny starts hatin’ on GoT

  4. I just saw Iron Man 3 this morning! I thought it was okay! I don’t want to go into spoiler-y specifics, but it was at least better than Iron Man 2!

    • Sadly, “it was okay” seems like all anyone can muster after collectively paying $280 million to see it over a three day span.

      • To be fair, one of my friends got really drunk Saturday night and started getting angry about it, so there’s that…

      • I mean, it’s honestly hard to judge. It had some aspects I loved, and some I hated. It’s not like the whole film was just okay, but that’s what it averages out to. At first, I didn’t really like the SPOILER reveal that SPOILER wasn’t actually SPOILER, but the more I think about it afterwards, the more I like the way that went. Also, I thought that SPOILER should have SPOILERED when SPOILER SPOILER from the SPOILER.

        It’s alsoa really hard movie to talk about without spoilers. But here’s the thing: NONE of that matters. All that matters is that it is very, very fun to watch Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man.

      • I liked it a lot, myself. I thought it was a lot of fun! I’m pretty much the exact target for these Marvel flicks, though, so maybe I’m a bad person to weigh in if you are not sold on their formula.

  5. So…is it just me or is the voting system gone again?

  6. Really? Game of Thrones for your engagement photos? Was “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” too romantic for you? Good god, that creeps me out more than the public engagement videos.

  7. Engagement photos vs newborn baby photos in the fight for the worst.

  8. My attempt to delete one of the engagement photos seems to have failed. Sorry. But maybe now it plays like a series, as their love and/or Kelly’s snarework develop.

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