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  • Martin Short appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and was wonderful, no duh. -JimmyKimmelLive
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  • Bad news: Bridget Jones’ Diary 3 is still not a go, and “might be a bit of a long wait.” UGGGGHHHH. Can’t we ever get anything we want?! -NextMovie
  • John Krasinski, along with a long list of other people we and everyone else enjoy, is going to appear in the new season of Arrested Development! -EW
  • Our friends at FilmDrunk interviewed Christopher McDonald. Want to read it?! -FilmDrunk
  • Chelsea Handler doesn’t ever want to be a mother for some very good reasons. Ok, Chelsea Handler! -Dlisted
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  1. Let’s start a kickstarter for Bridget Jones 3! Right? Like…right?!

  2. Can I just say that I am kind of not a fan of John Krasinski? Sure, he was great as Jim in the Office, but also the Office is a garbage nightmare after season 3, so that’s both a plus and a minus. But License to Wed was one of the worst movies I have ever seen, and then when I hear him narrating Esurance commercials I kinda want to punch him. What has John Krasinski done for me lately, is really what I am saying. If anyone has some quality John Krasinski work they want to direct me to, by all means, show me the light.

    • I agree to everything you said, but whenever I see his dorky cute face I forget why I was mad at him in the first place.

    • I don’t care for him much either. That “I’m cute/attractive but not in an intimidating way but I’m still slyly cocky” shtick is so fucking annoying.

    • i feel like this whole “i am a nerdy guy, but i had more friends than you in middle school and all the girls wanted me and i never got any sort of food thrown at me or had to deal with the mistreatment of both the students and staff at my underfunded public school, and i recently started calling myself a nerd because popular culture has decided all of a sudden that nerds are cool” movement just pisses me the fuck off. remember the days when being a nerd was not a thing people voluntarily did, it was a word that was assigned to you to designate your difference from the socially accepted. i miss the days when people did not claim to be nerds. if you had more than a few friends in middle school you were probably not such a nerd. a lot of childhood torment was endured by yours truly because i was a nerd. fuck, even the nerds made fun of me, i remember i was not allowed to play this map game where you had to play tag while identifying the state capitals because i didn’t wear glasses. being a nerd is so much more than a bad haircut and watching sci/fi. it is being ostracized to the level where social interaction is not something that you ever learned to do well because watching “life with louie” episodes at home by yourself after school does not count as socialization. the cute guys don’t want the nerd girls because the nerd girls are ostracized.

      tldr; i hate this guy, and all other handsome/beautiful men/women who play this bullshit “i am so not-noticeable, but really people fawn over me because i fit into the societal ideal of a mate like a fucking puzzle piece” bullshit.

      • ALL THIS!

        In my senior year of high school my history teacher (the best teacher ever who told everything like it is) basically said that only in America are you going to be publicly ostracized for being smart or studious. She began listing insults such as “egghead” to the class. No other country in the world treats wanting to grow their intellect with such disdain.

        I used to get picked on for reading for fun, for doing my homework (sometimes days or weeks [vocab assignments] in advance), and in general enjoying class lessons. It was not a fun time being a nerd. And you never refer to yourself as a nerd because deeper into the rabbithole of youth punishment you go (didn’t happen to me but I’ve seen others). Friends are few and far between, and even they don’t get you. I never felt like I was understood until college.

        “Nerd” used to be associated with studying hard, being more knowledgeable than average (or trying to be) about an academic subject, or being a bookworm. Now it’s been reappropriated to mean being remotely knowledgeable about mundane things. Are you into Apple products? Well consider yourself an Apple nerd is the new way of thinking. There are now zombie nerds, tv show nerds, etc. Nerd/geek is the new dork.

        I still think John Krasinski is still good looking, but everything else about him is meh.

        • exactly. my childhood was not enhanced by my non-self-ascribed status as a nerd. i remember how cruel kids can be just because you happens to know the answers or you go to another school to take a class or two. it is like hell for some kids. and by re-classifying yourself as a nerd you are kind of invalidating the hell i had to go through. it kind of doesn’t acknowledge that some absolutely horrific shit is done to the nerds by kids with social power. and some teachers participate in it too. some of the most hurtful stuff that i heard was from teachers who were going along with the social power structure of the children.

          • Yes to all of this. So much yes. I’ve had this discussion with a close friend who was also a nerd as a kid and as much as we love seeing geek/nerd culture be embraced, there is something uncomfortable about some of the ways it is being embraced. We talk about Big Bang Theory being a minstrel show about geeks.

          • I wrote a 5-paragraph-essay-rant a while back in response to an avengers piece with a similar tenor. Being a nerd used to be about being a person so wrapped up in an esoteric topic, so invested in something that the normals couldn’t see the value in. So invested in the special mythology or science of a fictional or non-fictional thing that crappy drawings on flimsy newsprint or a number on a D20, or a simple “hello world” were enough to hold you in ecstatic escape.

            Being a nerd for liking a slickly produced and hyper-realistic 2 hours action-a-thon? just because it was once a comic book? this associated only tangentially with nerd culture have become more accessible by being dipped in about 3 feet of solid sugar. Liking Apple products means being a “tech nerd”? they’re popular because they’re been moving at a blinding pace AWAY from what computers have felt like to interact with back when it was nerdy to enjoy them. They more analogous to a ports car of rolex habit. It also annoys me to no end when a story about a twitter campaign or kickstarter falls under the “technology” section of a news publication. Really? people are tweeting because they love technology?


          • Teachers can be just as if not crueler than the kids they teach.

          • It’s like Bart Simpson calling himself a comic book nerd when right down the hall Lisa is socially languishing.

          • Teachers an also be frickin awesome. I had a science teacher in high school who just brought in as much knowledge as possible, science, humanities, history, pop culture, and I pretty much always knew what he was talking about. This sometimes led to mocking, but usually not that much, one day it went far and people are literally laughing at me for knowing stuff they don’t know. The teacher joined in, loudly, then started pointing at all of the kids who were laughing. They got confused, so they stopped laughing. Then he stops laughing too and lets out “You know what’s going to be really funny? When you’re all working for him someday.”

  3. Maybe it’s because I’m now a childless woman in my 30s so I’m noticing it more, but it seems like there’s been a big uptick lately on articles/opinion pieces about people not having children and their reasons for it. Is this suddenly a big deal for some reason, or am I just noticing it more? And why is it a big deal? It seems like people on both sides are super angry at each other, and both sides are very condescending and superior toward the other. Is this real? Maybe I’m lucky, but this is not a conversation I’m having in real life, I’m jut seeing it on-line. And I didn’t realize I was making some big political statement by not having kids, or that I had choose a side. What is going on??? Stop making everything political! I’m just trying to live my life! You do you!

    tl; dr: Worry about yourself.


      (I’m just reiterating cause I still really like worry about yourself.)


    • I feel you, flanny. People do seem to take other people’s decisions about procreation very personally!

    • Hmm, I feel like it’s happening because only recently has it been socially acceptable to declare that you, as a woman, do not want to fulfill your feminine duty of having a baby. Coupled with the prominence of mommy blogs (ugh, I hate that phrase), such a sentiment seems primed to make a splash, you know? So on the one hand there’s the recently empowered non-child-wanters shouting defensively about their preference, and on the other hand there’s the always vociferous and opinionated mommy bloggers arguing back.

      I don’t want kids, but that’s not a discussion I ever have with people who do want or already have kids. Why bother? I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind, and I feel comfortable enough with my decision not to talk about it all the time. It is, though, a discussion that I have with other friends around my age who don’t want kids. We are few in number, and since we don’t want to talk about it with our child-having friends, it feels kinda like a secret club.

      • Do you have a clubhouse? Is it Chili’s? Either way I might tag along.

      • my issue is that there seems to an assumption that if you do have kids, you’re not empowered or whatever enough and you’re just doing it cause you have to, like you didn’t consider what you want. I feel this way about changing my last name after marriage – it’s something that I gave a LOT of thought to and I have very strong opinions as to why I did it, but some people will still assume I changed it because “that’s what you do when you get married”. Not like internet people, like a lady in my office said something about how she was “glad that I went traditional” and it really irked me.
        in summary, worry about yourself.
        Also, worry about yourself is really the greatest life motto!

        • Ooh, yikes, I hope I didn’t imply that! Sorry if I did. I definitely don’t think that all people who have kids (or change their last names when they get married) are doing it because of tradition or because they feel they have to.

        • Oh man, I have so many thoughts about this topic, I just don’t know where to continue. But, Truck, I agree with what you said here about assumptions, but I agree in a way that contradicts what you just said, sort of. I don’t have kids, I probably won’t have kids, whatever, but it’s not because at one point I sat down and made a list and was like, “Flanny, you’re lazy and self-centered and the world is over-populated and blah blah blah.” And I’m not anti-child. I don’t care if babies cry on planes or if strollers are blocking my way. Whatever. I didn’t THINK about it. I just don’t feel like having kids myself, and isn’t that enough of a reason? Like lonelyhearts said, we’re not going to convince anyone, and I don’t WANT to convince anyone. I guess I just don’t understand why this overall conversation (not the one we’re having on VG, but the one the world is having) is happening, why every day I hear about some new person’s reason about not having kids, why books need to be written about it, etc. I don’t care, stop putting me in the middle of this, world!

          Sorry, this whole topic has been bothering me for a while and whenever it’s brought up I want to put a bag over my face and crawl under my desk, so I had to get it at least partially off my chest.

          • Yes, that’s it exactly…if you have kids or don’t have kids, it’s almost always because that’s what you want (not counting accidental pregnancies, but still, use birth control you guys, every time!). I think it’s more the opposite – that if you do “what is expected” even if it’s just cause you want to, it’s presumed (by some people) that you’re only doing it “because it’s expected.” which sucks, but then who cares what other people think about why I do things!

          • In summary: We just can’t win.

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