• British GQ talked to a bunch of funny people for the comedy issue, AND they took their pictures! “Talking and pictures? You gotta be kidding me.” But I’m not! -BritishGQ
  • Kate McKinnon appeared on Ellen as Ellen and they both really Ellen’d it up together. -TheEllenShow
  • This Warming Glow slideshow about gut-wrenching episodes of otherwise happy TV shows is good but also sad so beware. -WarmingGlow
  • President Obama’s threat to his daughters about what will happen if one of them gets a tattoo is so dang good I can barely take it. Very cute. -Gawker
  • Cursing former newscaster A.J. Clemente visited Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie on this morning’s Today. DID HE CURSE?! Click 2 find out! -HuffingtonPost
  • Construction will begin this summer on Universal Studios Hollywood’s “Wizarding World of Harry Potter” theme park. I’ve actually been to the one in Florida and it was a lot of fun, no nerdo. -/Film
  • Emma Stone might be in Woody Allen’s next film. That would be good, probably! -NextMovie
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  1. Ellen is the best.

  2. Barack Obama is very charming.

  3. I live in Orlando, scant minutes from our own Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and I can confirm that no matter how adverse I am to theme parks, Harry Potter’s is genuinely delightful.

    • I’m going to be in your neck of the woods this summer (along with nine million other people I’m sure). At lunch I booked my tickets to Orlando to hang out at Disney with my niece! We are both too old to go to Disney! I’m very excited!!!

    • It was under construction when I was there a few years ago but it seemed like they were mostly just shifting it from “generic medieval castle area” to Harry Potter™ World so it’s probably not a huge gain or loss. However, it seems weird that they’re just now starting the construction of it in California given that Harry Potter is effectively “over” now and has been for like two years.

  4. Just want to say I really like the noncommittal tone Kelly often uses when setting up these links. It’s funny.

  5. My fave part of A.J. Clemente appearing on the Today show was when Matt let him do the outro segment and A.J. could barely read the teleprompter and didn’t look into the correct camera. “Up… next, um, People’s…. pick? …for the….” Granted, it looks like they didn’t prep him at all for that, but it really made him look like a buffoon.

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