• Here are some images from the Doctor Who set. There MIGHT be spoilers. It looks to me like there aren’t, but what do I know. -ONTD
  • Stephen Colbert and Alan Cumming debuted their new country hit “Oopsie-Daisy Homophobe” on The Colbert Report last night. Solid jam. -ColbertNation
  • Apparently Cougar Town hates the name Cougar Town? I had no idea! Though, I haven’t ever seen that show so I guess how would I know! Slacktory put together a supercut of all of their name-hating title cards. -Slacktory
  • Want to see what Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally’s home looks like? Of couse you do. It’s very nice! -Elle
  • The final episodes of Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23, previously thought to go unreleased 4ever, are going to be available to download online May 17. -Vulture
  • Here is a supercut of every Alfred Hitchcock cameo in every one of his films. SPOILER ALERT! -MTR
  • Uhhh, this isn’t going to be for everyone, but Cara Delevingne is the guest on the latest episode of Jourdan Dunn’s YouTube cooking show. So…in case…anyone else wants to…watch that, here you go! -Look
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  1. Doctors 10 & 11 in the same scene is like the first time somebody put chocolate chips in a cookie.

    • I think an angel got its wings!

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    • My heart exploded with joy!

    • after 3 underwhelming episodes, at least I have this to look forward to!

      • Agreed. I don’t care how much Moffat and I are fighting, I would never give this up. (Though I am hoping that we don’t have a retcon where 10 is actually a little girl that 11 met as a baby and has grown up to be in love with him. Again.)

        • I generally love Moffat, but oh god I hate Clara. I loved her first two incarnations, but she is such a let down right now. She’s not very well developed, she’s a little too meek. I don’t really care if she survives another episode. I remember it took me a few episodes to warm up to Rory, but I think it was honestly like 2 episodes, maybe.

          • Yeah, I’m a bit cold on her. But to be fair, I am admittedly not his biggest fan, ever, at all.

          • Yes. The 2nd and 3rd episodes so far were not very good, especially the 3rd one on the Soviet sub because I spaced out quite a bit. But on the plus side I have Duran Duran earworms now.

          • I am so happy to find this thread. I liked her as the Dalek/souffle girl (especially when I thought she might be Jenny’s incarnation or daughter), really disliked her in the Victorian Christmas special and am now kind of meh on the whole current season. But I don’t think she’s in love with Doctor… I think it’s more of a case of being a person who would flirt with the wall. She needs some more eps to prove herself, but Donna and Amy got that down right away.

            I miss Rory and Amy. And Donna. And Jenny. I just like a good companion that calls the doctor out on his shit and megalomania. (I don’t miss River yet because I will assume she is just fine and having sex adventures with Captain Jack or something.)

          • I miss Donna the most. Rory was cute.

  2. Suddenly I’m interested in Cougar Town.

    • I was interested in it when I first heard of it. Then I found out that it isn’t even a real place.

    • Me too. Those were some excellent title card bits.

    • I remember when they were advertising its return on TBS, they were marketing it as something along the lines of “a funny show with a terrible name.” Then I found out Busy Phillips is in it, and now those funny title cards and maybe I will try watching Cougar Town sometime soon.

      • Join us on the dark side! We have wine!

        • This show is GREAT. Once it realized that the original premise wouldn’t work, they went back to Scrubs kinds of weirdness and without Zack Braff! They were going to change the name of it, but were worried that the people who stuck with it, wouldn’t know its new name (or maybe that was ABC?) so they decided to make fun of it on purpose all the time.

          Yay Cougartown!

          Also: Bitch in 23 is AMAZING. Love that show. They mostly have hard liquor, but same kind of silliness and funny jerk behavior.

          p.s. Save Happy Endings.

          • So what season should I start with? You know how Seinfeld didn’t pick up until it’s 3rd season? Is it like that?

            I like Busy Phillips. So yes maybe I will try out Cougar Town.

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