1. Ask yourself: What did you do with your can opener? Did you take it out of your house? You must have taken it out of your house if you’re POSITIVE that you can’t find it in there. Why did you take it out of your house? You were going to a location that didn’t have its own can opener WITH a can? That seems a bit strange. People don’t usually bring cans and can openers to places. Were you going camping or something? Have you checked to see if it’s with your camping stuff? It’s not in there? Ooooooook.
2. Ask yourself: Do you really need whatever is in the can RIGHT now? Is there any way you could put off eating this until you find your can opener or buy a new one? No? You want it right now? Oooooooookkkkkk.
3. Do you have a spoon? Great.
4. – 10. Watch this video of a guy opening a can with a spoon and then do what he does.

BE CAREFUL THOUGH. And please do not use this method around anyone you are trying to impress. The part where you have to break into the can will expose you as a lunatic. (Via reddit.)

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  1. What I need to figure out is how to open wine with my teeth.

  2. Something tells me this is the product of a man, in the suburbs somewhere, with nothing to do and a very boring set of interests.

  3. This reminds me of a time just after I moved into my own apartment. After unpacking a bit, I’d realized I hadn’t brought any scissors to my new apartment, so I bought some new scissors that were packaged in some of that crazy thick impossible plastic. Obviously I couldn’t cut through the plastic with scissors like a normal person because the scissors I would need to do the job were inside the plastic! So I got out a knife and attempted to jab repeatedly and wildly at the plastic, until the knife slipped and sliced my finger. As I wrapped up my finger with toilet paper and scotch tape because I also didn’t have band-aids, I thought, “This this how they will find my dead body, alone and covered in bloody toilet paper.”

  4. Is this the “I’m different, so I’m interesting” version of using random things to open a bottle of beer to impress people?

  5. I didn’t have a can opener once so I used a knife to open a can of tuna, and then I found out how easy it is to use a knife to open a can and I was like “as if I’m going to spend my good, hard-earned money on a can opener like a SUCKER when I have this knife” so I didn’t own a can opener for like 4 years until I moved in with my ex and he bought me a can opener from the dollar store because I was being stubborn and ridiculous about the whole thing. Guy in this video: did you know that you can get can openers that work perfectly well for one dollar at the dollar store? Just buy a can opener, for Pete’s sake.

  6. For some reason I come down with a massive case of jamais vu when using a can opener, so when I was getting into cooking, my mom bought me the kind meant for people who would stab cans to gobble to the delicious innards aka me.

  7. Opening a can with a spoon also magically turn pears into peaches. Awesome!

  8. I think this guy thinks that a spoon is actually a can opener, much the same way he thinks that pears are actually peaches.

  9. Why the incredulity Kelly? Its almost as if you DON’T realize how useful this is going to be in the impending post-apocalypse world when the government has requisitioned all god fearing Americans’ can openers and we are all starving to death and we JUST WANT EAT THIS CAN OF DELICIOUS PEARS. Or pear by products, or weird mushy floating things that just vaguely resemble something that resembles a pear.

    I also like how this man has concealed his face (mostly) throughout this life-saving, freedom loving, educational video. Good thinking guy, the government isn’t getting YOUR can opener! Well and even if they do they aren’t getting your freedom spoon!

  10. There is nothing that comes in a can worth putting in that much effort to access.

  11. He says “Peaches” at the end of the video. It’s a can of pears. Fail…

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