• Netflix has released a bunch of teaser posters for the upcoming season of Arrested Development — one for each character. It’s as if they know the bulk of their fan base exists on blogs and will gobble up whatever they toss! -Splitsider
  • Alec Baldwin is in talks to take over Carson Daly’s slot in NBC’s late night lineup, with an interview format similar similar to his podcast, Here’s The Thing. -NYTimes
  • Lindsay Lohan was on Letterman last night. It was often awkward, but she seemed mostly fine! I HOPE SHE’S OK! (“They don’t let you eat there!” Haha.) -EW
  • You’ve probably heard already, but just in case: AMC is considered adding a Saul Goodman spinoff once Breaking Bad ends. It’s a bad idea! -Deadline
  • Hahah, I know we had a link concerning the Disney theme park in yesterday’s Morning Links, which was already a little weird, but you know what they say: These things come in twos! (This time about Monsters Inc. and Tron.) -/Film
  • And finally, here is a “Thrift Shop”/Anchoman mashup video to send to all of the friends you don’t like! -Hypervocal
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  1. I feel like the whole Saul Goodman show thing is just a red herring to stop people from pestering Vince Gilligan for spoilers on the new episodes of Breaking Bad.

    • I would watch it.

      • I would at least check it out because I love Bob Odenkirk, but it seems like the Saul Goodman character wouldn’t be as funny in a sitcom world. The thing that makes him so great is that the complete lack of fucks he gives is such a total reversal from every other Breaking Bad characters’ deadly serious problems.

  2. I don’t get the ice cream poster. I guess it’s supposed to be Lindsay, since everybody else already has a poster?

    • Lindsay’s is the credit card in a block of ice that says “Lindsay” on it

      • Well sorry I didn’t have my bifocals on! I mean, George Sr. is the one who actually had his assets frozen, so it would have made WAY MORE SENSE if that credit card has his name on it instead.

        • Oh man, masculist noise, is it time for us to have a pointless, mean internet argument?

          Lindsay had her company credit card frozen a ton, and probably used it the most, except maybe for Lucille, and they for sure spent more time on Lindsay’s spending habits.

          George, for that matter, was obsessed with ice cream sandwhiches. Besides for his in prison, George Michael also snuck them up to him in the attic.

          • And we’ve been getting along so well recently! Maybe we can just come together and agree it’s a goddamn crime that Franklin didn’t get a poster.

          • Can’t we just fight? Like the good old days?

            I think we both know why the powers that be wouldn’t give Franklin a poster.

          • As a general rule, the smoother my life is running, the more likely I am to be needlessly contradictory. This has been an awful week, and I just don’t have the energy for internet fights right now. But I have a vacation coming up next month, I’ll pencil you in after that.

          • Well, if having a good week means you are more likely to get in a meaninglessly infuriating argument online, then I really hope we get into an argument soon.

  3. More Bob Odenkirk is a bad idea? Whatever you say, Hitler.

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