• It’s hard to get enough of President Obama interacting with any child, let alone Kid President. -Hypervocal
  • FilmDrunk kicked off a new weekly feature today, Netflix Instant Theater, wherein they will watch movies on Netflix Instant and then talk about them. Hey, why not! Their first film is Fire With Fire. -FilmDrunk
  • Welcome to Jurassic Park: An Oral History. -EntertainmentWeekly
  • Guillermo del Toro has cast Benedict Cumberbatch in his upcoming movie Crimson Peak. Emma Stone and Charlie Hunnam are also part of the cast. Baby boy is everywhere these days. -/Film 
  • Apparently today is Grumpy Cat’s first birthday. More like Grumpy KITTEN. Put that baby to bed and let him have a normal kitten childhood! -Dlisted
  • Apparently Rosario Dawson calls her vagina “The General”? I don’t know, YOU deal with having that information. -NextMovie
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  1. Did you know the cicadas are going to be nuts this year? I did, thanks to CicadiaMania.com!

  2. LAURA DERN Dr. Ellie Sattler I was talking with Nicolas Cage, and we had just done Wild at Heart together, and I said to him, “Nic, they want to put me on the phone with Steven Spielberg, but they want to talk to me about a dinosaur movie…” And he was like, “You are doing a dinosaur movie! No one can ever say no to a dinosaur movie!” I was like, “Really?” And he’s like, “Are you kidding? It’s a dream of my life to do a movie with dinosaurs!”

    Someone get Nic a dino movie. I want to watch it.

  3. I am maybe too excited for Jurassic Park 3-D.

    • And I suddenly have an opinion about del Toro’s movie!

    • Theaters are showing it in regular 2D too. What do you think, still going for the 3D? I just want to see it on the big screen, so I’ll probably forgo the upgrade. (Though I would jump at an IMAX screening if it weren’t three hours away.)

    • I am also excited about Jurassic Park!!!!!!!!!

      Also, flanny, I finally responded to your question about my Arrested Development party. Really, I’ve only planned the food, but you’ll have to see the list on that post.

  4. Filmdrunk striaght up STOLE that idea from Max Silvestri, who infrequently does the same thing on Grantland: http://www.grantland.com/blog/hollywood-prospectus/category/_/name/queue-review

    Max Silvestri, meanwhile, straight up STOLE that idea from Facetaco, who basically did the same thing, but more structured and with actual rules (because come on, let’s be civilized here), but only updated once because Facetaco is lacking in ambition.

    Facetaco, meanwhile, continues to toil away, unrecognized by blog writers everywhere.

    • Facetaco, meanwhile stole that idea from Gabe Delahaye who used to be a blogger back in the days in some blog, whose name I can’t remember.

      • Facetaco did NOT steal the idea from Gabe Delahaye! Facetaco created a SIMILAR idea, but with different rules! I cannot see the rules right now, because tumblr is blocked at work, but I know that it had to be streaming on Netflix, it had to have no rating on Rotten Tomatoes (meaning less than 20 critic reviews), and it had to not be intentionally bad (so no Troma). I got the idea after watching Taintlight. You guys…don’t watch Taintlight.

  5. I like the FilmDrunk thing. Maybe Videogum could do something similar! But maybe not limit it to what’s on Instant. And you could put a unique spin on it, like maybe only include terrible movies. That could be cool. I dunno, just spitballing.

  6. Hahahaha. I cannot wait for Vanity Fair’s Gnomeo & Juleit: an Oral History.

  7. something “The General” pun “honorable discharge” yay we’re having fun

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