• Although NBC hasn’t confirmed it yet, a “well-placed source” has told The Hollywood Reporter that Jimmy Fallon has signed on to replace Jay Leno at The Tonight Show, and that the network wants to launch Fallon’s Tonight in February during Winter Olympics coverage. Ugh, didn’t we JUST have the winter olympics?! -THR
  • Big TMNT news, U GUYS! Will Arnett has signed to play an unannounced  (though rumored to be original) character in the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot. #turtlepower -Uproxx
  • Headphones up for this video, but since spring has arrived (FOR SOME) it’s important that we take a few moments to remember that water safety is important and that we shouldn’t throw beers at peoples faces. Ok? -Hypervocal
  • Christoph Waltz and Amy Adams have taken over the roles previously held by Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Reynolds in Tim Burton’s upcoming film Big Eyes. Plz make the correction in your journals. -/Film
  • It’s Amanda Bynes’ 27th birthday today. Please be safe, Amanda! You worry me a lot and I would please like you to be safe on your birthday! -Dlisted
  • And finally, The Week would like to talk to you about why TV networks should stop casting big-name stars. Is it because no one likes to take the time out to say a big name every week? Click 2 find out! -TheWeek
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  1. Not a link per se, but (and if you follow me on tumblr or facebook you are WELL AWARE) I just found out Marvel has a VAMPIRE COW NAMED HELLCOW. How is Hellcow not the star of everything? Screw you Iron Man, Hellcow is the jam!

  2. Kelly, that first link didn’t work right. It should just redirect to this:


  3. Heard that Will Arnett is going to be an a new Ninja Turtle named CaravaggiGOB.

  4. Wow, Burton really upgraded! No offense to Reese and Ryan, but holy moly Amy and Christoph sure are much better actors!

    Also, I am now using first names only. dealwithit.gif

  5. That boating and beer video isn’t supposed to make me want to go boating, is it? Because it does.


  7. That TV article on The Week seriously pissed me off. Then I remembered this dude’s stuff always pisses me off. It’s like he has never seen a show before 2004 and bangs out a mediocre think piece in 15 minutes. Honestly, I hope he spent 15 minutes on that high school essay of garbage because otherwise he desperately needs to find a new job.

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