• Charlie Kaufman is doing a half-hour comedy for FX titled How And Why! More like HOW are we ever going to wait ’til this thing comes out and WHY something something something else! -/Film
  • You can watch the trailer for Marc Maron’s new IFC show Maron now. Entertainment Weekly will tell you that if you want to be the first person you know to watch it “simply press play,” but just know that that is a lie because I ALREADY WATCHED IT, AND YOU KNOW ME! -EW
  • Want to know some stuff about Wes Anderson’s upcoming movie The Grand Budapest Hotel? Here you go, then! -ScreenDaily
  • I wasn’t going to watch this video titled “Street Artist Makes Intricate Lollipop Sculptures With His Mouth” because it sounded so gross, but then I did and it’s not that gross and also it seems fake but maybe it’s not? You never know if something’s not fake! -Hypervocal
  • The guys at FilmDrunk chatted with Derek Cianfrance, director of The Place Beyond the Pines, recently and he told a story of almost TAKING BEN MENDELSOHN’S TEETH OUT?! For the movie! Whhaaaaaa -FilmDrunk
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    On a fun note, though, all the stock markets have been closing at record highs lately and yet NC teachers haven’t gotten a cost of living raise more than 1% in the last 6 years so maybe I just hate everything? I think I just hate everything.

  2. It is amazing how much older people’s teeth make them look. AH looks 14 in that photo.

  3. For some reason I don’t find “Actresses without teeth” terrifying or even gross. I guess I just imagine their lips are covering the teeth or something?

    • It’s because their faces don’t have that caved in look that real people without teeth have. Truth time, losing my teeth is my #1 fear. Every so often I have this recurring nightmare that my teeth are falling out. Not cool, subconscious. Not cool.

  4. I think Maron might actually be nice to watch! Huh. And yay!

    • Yeah! I love WTF and like his standup but I wasn’t sure he would translate well to a TV show. Glad I watched the trailer.

      • I was skeptical at first, but it looks like the dialogue could have some real dynamic energy behind it. I think that’s Maron’s strong suit as a standup – the frantic stream-of-consciousness vs. the measuredly-paced self-introspection. Say what you will about him, but he knows how to tell a coherent story. This could end up being fantastic, but color me reserved until then.

  5. Well, I guess I’ll keep flossing.

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