• “Nic Cage’s Face On All 151 1st Generation Pokemon” is not something that would generally stand out as worthwhile in a Nic Cage Internet sea of mashups, but it’s actually pretty good and I kind of love it! Ch-ch-check it out! -Pokemonxniccage
  • OH THANK GOODNESS, Kate Upton isn’t going to prom with the kid who had the video in which he asked her to prom. A lot of video-induced-attention damage has still been done, though. Thanks a lot, Kate Upton! -TheWeek
  • Cougar Town is getting a fifth season on TBS. Congrats on your show! -Vulture
  • Check out this interview with Harmony Korine over on Stereogum. You won’t be sorry, unless you never wanted to read it in the first place! In that case, don’! #freecountry-Stereogum
  • Eva Mendes wants tabloids to blur the faces of celebrities’ dogs, which sounds like a bit much, but also apparently the paparazzi call out the name of her dog at the dog while she’s walking it? WHAT? Why? Why why why? -Dlisted
  • Here’s your first look at the cast of the Zombieland TV show, which has just been greenlit by Amazon and will air on their Prime Instant Video. -/Film 
  • And, finally, here’s a list of 50 upcoming movie sequels. Is You Can Count On Me Too in there? I couldn’t find it. -NextMovie
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  1. Oh goodness, 90% of those sequels confuse and enrage* me. That said, however, I will watch the hell out of Prometheus 2 so long as aliens kill the hell out of things. That’s all I want from any movie, really.**

    *mildly annoy. I mean, I guess I can’t get that worked up over terrible hollywood ideas these days.

    **you can’t tell me that Pride & Prejudice wouldn’t have been improved by aliens killing the hell out of things. I won’t believe it.

    • Darnit, I haven’t seen the first Prometheus! I hope Ripley Scott decides to title the four Prometheus movies like so: Prometheus, Prometheuses, Prometheus 3, and Prometheus: Resurrection.

      You get it!?!?!

      • I guess I spoiled Prometheus for you. Sorry.

        Personally, I am hoping for Prometheus, Prometheus 2: Prometheus Harder, Prometheus with a Vengeance, Live Free or Prometheus Hard; and A Good Day to Prometheus. Hopefully everyone involved will run around in gritty dirty tank tops.

        • Personally, I like your idea. But logically it should go to Harmony Korine: Spring Breakers, Spring Breakers 2: Spring Harder, Spring Breakers with a Vengeance, Live Free or Spring Break, and A Good Day to Spring Break. Hopefully everyone involved will run around in skimpy neon everything!

      • I’m hoping for Prometheus, 2 Pro 2 Metheus, Prometheus 3: Tokyo Drift, Prometheus, and Pro 5.

        Just kidding. I hope there aren’t any sequels and I kind of wish I never saw the first one.

        • I actually really liked it. But also, keep in mind my previously stated opinion re: aliens killing the hell out of things. They had me at *insert noise of aliens killing the hell out of things*.

          • Fair enough. I am 100% totally willing to forgive a movie’s flaws in my appreciation for it, BUT only if those flaws do not dismantle the central construct of the movie, or cause the movie to contradict itself in essential ways. Looper time travel plot holes: fine. Prometheus having zero logic as to what the black goo is or does or even attempting to explain a lot of things that really needed explanation ruined it for me. If the only thing in Prometheus that was questionable was them taking off their helmets on the alien planet I would say I ain’t care and tell everyone how great it was.

    • ‘Untitled Pee-wee Herman Project’ is either the best or worst thing I’ve seen today.

    • That Michael Fassbender’s head android is my favorite android, I don’t care how ridiculous that movie was. Bring me more David the Android!

  2. At least we now know how it got burned.

  3. Kelly! Ever since watching the movie on Friday, I spent the weekend and a lot of last night reading about everyone’s take on Spring Breakers and I gotta say, the interviews with Stereogum and Pitchfork were pretty entertaining. Thank you, think piece writers. May you never #RIP.

    • Yeah, just read the Stereogum piece, and I definitely enjoyed that a lot. Aside from the insights it provides, its just nice to know Harmony Korine isn’t this giant fucking asshole who makes me ashamed to like any of his movies a la Spike Lee.

  4. Yay Cougar Town!

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