Guys, I feel like we really earned this weekend. You know? We put in the time during the week, we paid our dues, and now it is time to reap the rewards. It’s obviously impossible to tell whether this is an alien or a sloth, but either way dude has got the right idea. Let’s just chilllllllll. You got a boat? Who’s got a boat? Party on someone’s boat! (Via Pajiba.)

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  1. Am I going to have to sit balanced on my coccyx like that? Because that looks painful. That’s bone on wood, man. Give that guy a cushion or something.

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  2. definitely an alien

  3. Fastest sloth ever.

  4. BABY RUTH?!?

    Get it cuz I grew up in the 80s gnarly dude

  5. Guys I think I’m afraid of sloths now.

  6. It’s always weird when you know there’s a face to be found but can’t find it.

  7. Noooo! Sloths can swim really well, but people see them in the water and pick them up to “rescue” them, but the sloth is all like “WTF dude, now I’m going to have to double back 6 miles and you KNOW I’m going to miss my kid’s piano recital now!”

  8. I imagine going that fast for something notoriously slow is almost abuse. Probably all dizzy and seasick and shit.

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