• Last night at the 92nd Street Y, Michael Cera interviewed David Cross and they talked about all sorts of different things. I’m not sure if there’s video available anywhere — I couldn’t find it — but you can read about some of those things here. -Gothamist
  • Here are some photos from last night’s Mad Men premiere party. Spoiler: Everyone looks beautiful and their skin looks glow-y. -Dlisted
  • Tina Fey will never do a nude scene. “Even in my fantasies?” you ask. You’re disgusting and so, so dumb! -FilmDrunk
  • The Week has gathered up a bunch of celebrity prom invites that did NOT go viral, which demands the question: Why do we let any of them go viral?!?! -TheWeek
  • Rob Letterman, director of Monsters vs Aliens, is bringing a Goosbumps book to the big screen. Which one? Who knows! Which one do you want? It’s going to be for children, obviously, but you can still pick! -/Film
  • Finally, a goodbye to GoogleReader. -HitReach
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  1. Wow, DListed, excellent use of the phrase “Hamm Steak”

  2. The only Goosebumps book I remember reading as a kid was the one where the kid got a camera and he would shoot pictures of people and then they would die? Or like the film would develop to show how the person would die? I don’t really remember because it was 10,000 years ago and I think it freaked me out so bad I repressed it. But anyway, I vote for that one.

    Also I already missed google reader sharing, and now they’re getting rid of google reader and basically all I want to do is curl up and go to bed because eventually they’re just going to get rid of gmail and be google+ exclusively and then the next day the world will explode.


    • I only read one and I remember it vividly because even at the time I was like, “This is terrible.” It was a “be careful what you wish for” kind of book (I think that may have been the title, actually) and it ended with the main character wishing she could fly away and then she turned into a bird?? HAHAHAHA oh man what a waste of time.

      • SPOILER ALERT: Paradise Lost is the same plot, opposite ending.

      • The end of that is actually that she wishes her worst enemy had the power to wish things into existence, instead of her, because all her wishes would come true in some literal but terrible way. However, then her worst enemy immediately wishes the main character would turn into a stork, so even the wish to not be able to make wishes screwed her over in the end.

        It’s so cool how much of my brain is taken up with the plots from YA fiction I read from 1993-1996. Anyone want to talk about Christopher Pike?

    • The only one I remember was about a girl who got a halloween mask stuck to her face. The whole story is her trying to get the mask off and when she finally does, her brother finds it and puts it on. I remember recommending it to a friend because it had a “great twist ending.” It wasn’t a twist ending or great but that’s how I reviewed back then.

      • I’ve read most of them once and about half of them twice because I used to write a blahg entry on each book after spending about 30 minutes reading one. Guys… They’re not very good, but damn, is that format reliable.

        • BUT AS FOR WHICH SHOULD BE A MOVIE, I’m voting for Attack of the Mutant. It’s the strongest book in the series, probably, and it would be a comic book movie. Profit!

          • Attack of the Mutant is a good choice, but my vote goes to The Beast From The East. It’s basically The Hunger Games for furries.

          • Or what’s the one where the family moves into a house and finds a haunted sponge under their sink? I vote for that one. Haunted sponge, you guys.

        • You mean the format of a kid moving somewhere new, finding a friend, finding something weird/supernatural, beating it, “twist” ending, repeat 29 more times, then start from the beginning but change the names and call it a sequel? Agreed, I wanna see this blog.

      • Do you remember how every single chapter ended with a “cliffhanger,” which doesn’t really work so well as an effective literary device when you can just turn the goddamn page in like 2 seconds? Do you remember like 10 years ago when Dan Brown did that exact same thing with The Da Vinci Code and grown men and women were all over that shit?

        • They also did that with Prison Break before commercials. My roommate and I would yell “CLIFFHANGER!” at the TV when they cut to commercials and then try to come up with stupid things that would resolve the cliffhanger. Cool as ice, we were, just watching Prison Break and coming up with alternate plots for it.

    • Wow, somehow I FORGOT TO MENTION that I met R. L. Stein a few years ago! He was incredibly nice and we talked about cupcakes (we both think cupcakes are great).

  3. Before I clicked on the Goosebumps link I was hoping it would be “Say Cheese and Die” because that’s the only Goosebumps I read. I had standards, thank you. 95% of the appeal of that book was its title, so any opportunity I get to say “Say Cheese and Die” is okay by me. SAY CHEESE AND DIE, guys!

  4. Yes, Say Cheese and Die was the best! But, it was already done on TV with a young Ryan Gosling

  5. Can someone explain why I can’t upvote anymore? Or also downvote, which I hardly do but having the option is nice?

  6. I didn’t read Goosebumps because I’m old and was “totally over” those kind of books when they came out. The only books I remember are “The Babysitter” and “Remember Me” but when I looked up Remember Me to see if that was really the name and I wasn’t getting it confused with the Rpatt movie, I found out that it was by some dude named Christopher Pike. I think I had a lot of his books too. But now that I see one of the titles was “Say Cheese and Die!” I’m made at my over it teenage self.

  7. A Goosebumps movie? Laaaame. Someone call me when they make a goddamn Fear Street movie already.

  8. Um, why aren’t we talking about the new Star Trek stuff yet?

  9. GUYS! Stop the presses, I have a late link. More Tilda Swinton and David Bowie interactions!


    Aaaaahhhh they are making all my dreams come true (except for the reoccurring dream that I lose all my teeth, and frankly, I am ok with that one staying just a dream)

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