• Videogum Movie Club Reminder: Go see Spring Breakers this weekend and then talk about it here with us on Monday!
  • Here is an hour-long interview with the people behind the Onion News Network, recorded at the Paley Center in 2011. Want to watch it? Or save it to watch later? -Splitsider
  • “Next Episode Of ‘Girls’ To Feature Lena Dunham Shitting Herself During Gyno Exam While Eating A Burrito” -TheOnion
  • This video of a street performer spoiler-alerting this bro who was messing with him is possibly the only thing I’ve ever enjoyed watching this type of street performer do.  -Dlisted
  • Tina Fey says she will not take over for Lorne Michaels at SNL once he retires, and that the show should end with him. She is smart and correct! -HuffingtonPost
  • There’s an interview with Elizabeth Moss in the NYTimes Magazine titled “Elisabeth Moss on What Peggy Won’t Do This Season on ‘Mad Men’” Do you think it’s just a list of things? “Rollerblade, Blog, Tweet, Vine” Let’s find out together! -NYTimes
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  1. Wait, that human statue was in AUSTRALIA? In that case, that was literally the least violent outcome imaginable.

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  2. Why do all Internet links lead to terrifying images of Courtney Stodden?

  3. so stoked for spring breakers

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