• Look at this f*cking TARDIS prom dress! -Neatorama
  • Matt Damon’s Takeover of Jimmy Kimmel Live: A Comprehensive Guide (In case you missed it.) -WarmingGlow
  • Oscar Nominated Movies Starring Dogs is as advertised. - TheFW (thanks for the tip, sarah!)
  • Roger Ebert Reviews Quartet (Hi Rog! Love you Rog!) -SunTimes
  • It’s safe to say I like Jim Belushi less after reading this. -FilmDrunk
  • Orange and blue are the colors that dominate movies. Learn something new, it’s Friday! -/Film
  • Fred Armisen On The Multi-Faceted Residents Of Portlandia -CoCreate (thanks for the tip, joe!)
  • Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart are slated to star together in a pair of Broadway plays. Cool! -Deadline
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  1. The “Les Chiens Miserables” poster is perfect.

  2. Hey, Jim Belushi. 2013 is pretty cool. You should join us here some time.

  3. Whoa, better to die alone than live 17 years with Jim Belushi. Things are looking up.

  4. I thought that prom dress would be the coolest thing I saw today but then I read that Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart are slated to star together in a pair of Broadway plays. AAAHHHHHHHHHH AAAAAHHHH THAT IS PERFECT AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH NEW YORK MONSTERS CAN I LIVE WITH YOU WHILE THESE PLAY I WANT TO GO THERE

  5. I imagine Jim Belushi takes the worst way to get everywhere, not just because he is obviously terrible and people give him long-ass directions so he gets to their parties after everyone leaves, but because he’d obviously rather be wrong than let a woman be right. It’s sad, really, whenever I have to go to the mall to buy a Terry Pratchet novel (yes, pretty much the only reason I go to the mall), I thank my girlfriend for telling me about a route that cuts out about half the traffic.

    I mean, sure, I did smack her after she told me it, but still, I’m grateful.

    • The only time I go to Barnes and Noble is also to buy Terry Prachett novels. I use my kindle for other novels. How strange….just started Snuff, btw.

      • They sent me a random 10 buck gift card for Christmas and my immediate thought was “Oooo! A free Pratchett novel.” The last I finished was Sourcery.

  6. I NEED THAT TARDIS DRESS! The story behind it is sweet too! I am watching the Matt Damon takeover right now, and it is pretty funny. Gary Oldman just showed up, and he is my favorite! Those dog posters are fantastic. I would totally watch Lincoln with Daniel Dog-Lewis. In conclusion, these afternoon links are very relevant to my interests. Hurrah!

  7. Some people on Facebook were saying mean things about the Tardis dress, because of course they were. Thank god tumblr counteracted it. I love the dress and if I had it I would wear it all the time.

    • Was one of the people on Facebook Jim Belushi? I wouldn’t put it past him.

    • I saw that, and at first it made me mad/sad but then I remembered, hey, they’re stuck being douches all the time and this lady is awesome AND has an awesome dress. So she is coming up ahead and the douche brigade can sit in the corner crying, wondering why no one loves them (Jim Belushi loves you, guys)

  8. One of my favorite things is Paul Scheer doing dramatic readings from Jim Belushi’s book, which is of course called “Real Men”


  9. Unrelated and I’m sure this has already been discussed at length, but: I just saw the Froggy Fresh freestyle rap video and it is so, so fresh. I’ll be surprised if he tops it this year, but with Froggy Fresh I am always surprised.

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